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Quote: Originally Posted by midwestmeg Heather, when did speech come for your boys?! Slowly, if I remember correctly...?! Just wondering. Meg you have a good memory! It was David who talked late. He had a few words but didn't really start talking until he was 22 months old. I had him tested at 21 months because I was concerned. They told me that he was almost 4 months behind in expressive language. The testers told me that they thought it...
How about Alka-Seltzer rockets? You take a film cannister (May be hard to find in this day and age) and you fill it about 1/4 of the way with water. Add the Alka-Seltzer and put the cap back on. Place the cannister cap side down and wait. Christopher loved this experiment during his science class this summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by jilly Jen -- glad pregnancy is getting less iky. Two boys is a lot of fun -- just put everything nice up high and hide all the brooms, mops and other stick-like objects for a few years and you'll be fine. I second this! My boys like to turn broomsticks into lightsabers. Although I must admit that they use tinkertoys and k'nex for lightsabers as well. Can you tell we have a Star Wars addiction around here?...
If it is a narrow seat you are looking for, I would just look at the Radian 80. It harnesses up to 80lbs and it is a narrow seat. We have the Nautilus and love it but it is not a narrow seat.
Quote: Originally Posted by MissSJ Hi, I've never posted in this forum but I read here every once in a while. The title of this thread caught my attention and I was even more intrigued as I read the first post. The quotes that were highlighted fit my oldest ds. I then went on to read the article, then checked out the main site which led me to a site dedicated to visual spatial learning. Here is the parenting section of the site:...
Welcome to the two boys club Jen! I love having two boys. There are days where what it would be like to have one of each but I wouldn't change it for anything. I am sure that T will come around and come to like the idea of having a little brother. Kristin it sounds like things are going well with the diet. I hope it works out for you.
DS is 5.5 years old. He can get his pjs on, brush his teeth, and climb into bed. We are still a big part of bedtime though because he still enjoys having us read to him before he goes to sleep. I hope that lasts for a long time!
I hope life gets easier when David turns 4. We didn't go through the "terrible twos". We are going through the "terrible threes". It is temper tantrum city these days in this house. I have a 5.5 year that functions like a 6 year old (temper tantrum age) and David who has decided that temper tantrums are a good thing as well. I spend a lot of time saying "When you are ready to talk, let me know." I hope next year is better.
My 5.5 year old enjoys the following games: Battleship Connect 4 Uno Mille Borne Guess Who? Dominoes Chutes & Ladders I want to buy Sorry and Parcheesi for his birthday
Wyoming here! WY is another easy state to homeschool in. Once DS is the compulsory age of attendance (age 7 before Sept. 15th) then I have to send in an outline of our curriculum to the school board once a year. Basically I have heard from my friends that they send in a letter stating that they are homeschooling this year and they are using so and so books. Testing isn't required, and it is very vague on whether attendance should be kept or not. I keep it just in case...
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