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Have you looked at the website Letter of the Week? http://www.letteroftheweek.com They have unit studies for each letter each week. The curriculum is free online or you can order their curriculum book from Rainbow Resource.
My RR catolog is sitting on the couch calling to me! It is a bit overwhelming though. I need to go through it slowly. Phathui5 did you know that Rod & Staff has added to the ABC Series. The new books aren't listed in the RR catolog. If you are interested, I can as my Mennonite neighbor which letter the books go up to now. I believe it stretches all the way to K now.
Hugs to you Kristen. Not a fun diagnosis to hear. Hi Everyone! I know I have been MIA for a while but life just caught up with me. Let's see... where to start. Christopher is almost done with Kindergarten for the year. We have enjoyed homeschooling. He is looking forward to first grade this fall. I have to say that my baby is growing up too fast! I just discovered a loose tooth in his mouth. David is a rambunctions, intense, three year old these days. ...
Hello from Windy Wyoming! Congratulations on the egg catching Stacy! How exciting! It's hard to believe our kiddos are three years old now. I try to get on her more but life has been crazy. We started homeschooling Christopher in Kindergarten this year. It has it's up and downs but he is enjoying it. Grant jumped on the homeschooling bandwagon last night. Every Wed night, I take Christopher to the kid's program at church. While that goes on, Grant gets...
I sell Barefoot Books and we have several titles that would be perfect for your DD. We have The Barefoot Book of Princesses, The Boy Who Grew Flowers, The Story Tree (Tales to read aloud), Shrinking Sam, The Prince's Bedtime, The Gigantic Turnip, and The Faerie's Gift to name a few. I know it's a shameless plug for my business but my soon to be 5 year old loves these books. It can be hard to find good storybooks for the older child.
Some suggestions if you want to stay under $200 (I can't find anything under $100) are the Summit High Back Booster, the Radian 65 or Radian 80, the Fisher-Price Safe Voyage Deluxe, or the Evenflo Triumph Advance.
Items for pretend play such as a pirate hat, fireman coat and hat, chef's hat, cape etc. DS also loves playing with Dinosaurs, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, the play kitchen, and the hot wheels cars.
Quote: Originally Posted by MommyofPunkiePie Anyone else have an almost three who can turn the light switches on and off? I swear I'm losing my mind... David loves to turn on his light after he is put to bed and then proceed to play instead of sleeping. Sometimes he is too smart for his own good! I think we might get David an Fp3 player from Fisher-Price for his birthday. Christopher has one and loves it. David is always messing with it....
Robin, both of my boys get over-excited when they are tired. They also become quite goofy as well. Pretty much it comes down to both boys bouncing off of the walls and ceiling. They will start wrestling, running around, climbing the couch, and being a general nuisance. We also have a regular comedy club around bedtime. The knock knock jokes from Chris drive me nuts! David is obsessed with pirates lately. He goes around the house with a pirate hat on and a piece of...
David is 2.5 and short for his age. Here's how most conversations go when discussing him. person: How old is your son? me: He is 2 1/2. He will be three in September. person: You have to be kidding! me: Why do you say that? person: He looks like a one year old and talks like a four year old. I also hear a lot of you are pushing them too hard.
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