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Quote: Originally Posted by midwestmeg Carl is great, definitely different than Cecilia. My MOM is hard... but thank goodness Barnes and Noble hired her yesterday. Did you know they are a great company to work for?!! I always think of them as a 'corporate bookstore' (which they are...) but if you work 30 hours a week you're full time, eligible for benefits and for a family they are $43 per month! Because of my moms 'previous experience' (she was a...
We cut our tree down this past Saturday. We went up into the Rockies to find it. The tree was 13.5 feet to begin with. We cut it down to 8 foot tall so we could fit in our living room. We are going to use the rest of the tree for fire wood. We thought the boys would have fun since they have had fun in the past going to the tree farm. The mountains were a bit too much for them. Having to hike a 1/4 mile in the snow was tough! I think we are going to go back to the...
You just described my child so I will be watching this thread. Who thought 4 years old would be harder than 2?
Happy Late Birthday to Haeven! Has anyone found 4 years old to be challenging? Christopher likes to challenge me on everyone front and it is driving me crazy! :
Hi all! I feel like a truck ran over me. We have been dealing with the Stomach Flu since Saturday. We are all on the mend though. Christopher was my easy baby and David was the tough one. It has flip flopped now though. I am dealing with the Horrible 4's and Terrible 2's and I will take the 2's over the 4's any day of the week! Who would've thought that my 4 year old would be the challenge. He is defiant, backtalks, ignores me, throws himself on the floor while...
Quote: Originally Posted by AugustineM OMG Heather, I know it was probably awful to clean up but that photo is totally hilarious!! Was it permanent marker?? It was indeed, red permanent marker. We couldn't get it off the walls or out of the carpet.
I had a nightmare day yesterday. To see what you are looking forward to when your child is 3 years old, check out my blog. It says it all. http://www.xanga.com/hjohnson6
Too many posts to catch up with! David peed on the potty for the first time yesterday! : : : He woke up from his 2 hour nap with a dry diaper so I set him on the potty. About 5 minutes later he finally went. It didn't quite register with him on what he did. I doubt there will be a repeat performance today as his brother let him out of his room after his nap.
Vitamins - We don't do them. David loves his vegetables! We eat carrots, cauliflower, corn, broccoli, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, and spinach on a regular basis. David also loves okra. David is also starting to do some pretend play. He loves to take a Snappi, fly it through the air while making airplane noises. He calls it his "airplane". Jill have you tried the Little Colds Cough & Cold medicine? It doesn't taste as bad as Robitussin.
Megan Dealing with a medical issue while you are pregnant is no fun at all. My DH developed an anal fistula right before David was due. His stupid doctor wanted to schedule a colonoscopy on my due date. I said "no way Jose!". Even though he was in pain, DH managed to wait till after David was born to get a colonoscopy done and then when David was 7 weeks old and the day Christopher turned 2, he had his surgery. Talk about stressful stressful times! I hope that you...
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