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I have the Recaro Young Sports for both of my boys. They love the seats. My youngest is 2 years old and 24lbs so it will be quite a while before he hits the 40lb limit on the harness. Poor kid is still wearing a size 4.5 shoe!
Quote: Originally Posted by JenInMpls rock on, heather j takes the rabbit rabbit. We are here! I have a photo essay on my blog, too. See link in sig... Jen that is one big Zuchini!!! I have never seen one that big.
My boys refuse to eat pasta unless there is tomato sauce on the pasta. They don't want cheese on top though.
If I was in the same position, I would retrieve the parents and tell them that he must be taken out of the nursery until he can behave. We had that policy at our church. You shouldn't have to deal with those kinds of behaviours. Might be a wake up call for the parents too if you refuse to take him until he can behave.
Quote: Originally Posted by Yo Becca that's ALL you can say for yourself?: ROFL! I was tired this morning.
New link for October http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=530875
Rabbit Rabbit!
DS calls it "my milk"
I think I am more surprised than anything by hearing the news about David's heart murmur. I've been through it with Christopher. Chris' murmurs (he has two) are innocent so I am sure that David's is too. I am still a bit concerned though. I guess every mother tends to worry a little.
Anna, be sure to put your feet up and rest! You deserve it! David had his 2 year well check today. He is 34 inches tall and 24 lbs. He is finally out of the 5th percentile for height. He is now in the 25th! He is still in the 3rd percentile for weight though. The ped told me that he has a heart murmur. First time I had ever heard that! She wants us to come back withing the next week or so and do an EKG and a heart x-ray. That should be loads of fun!
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