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Quote: Originally Posted by jaidymama Hello Ladies! Just stopping by to see how everyone is doing. We had a LOT of family here this weekend. More about that later if I think of it. I did want to mention that Lukas sang me a song by Meatloaf tonight (as assited by dh)... or at least I think that's who the group is?? It's the one that goes "mama, oh ooh oh oh, didnj't mean to make you cry, if I'm not back again this time tomorrow, carry on carry on... " you...
Happy Birthday to LaRue and Elizabeth! Robin I hope you get the taxi problem figured out. It sounds like no fun at all!
Quote: Originally Posted by newmommy Hi There! Well, I will let you know when I get back. I signed DS up for our local "The Little Gym" next Saturday. The class is 60 minutes and they told me he would be in the "Funny Bugs" class (3-6 year olds I believe). Anyway, I asked them about Free Play after the session and she informed me they did not do Free Play to let the kids burn energy and run around. My first red flag right there so I will see...
Stacy - Alex looks so much like you! Gabe is cute! Samantha - Elizabeth is cute! I had hair that long when I was 2 years old. I am going to add one of our birthday party pictures. David couldn't figure out how to blow the candle out. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1.../dbirthday.jpg
Great blog Becca! Speaking of blogs, I have one as well if you all are ever curious. http://www.xanga.com/hjohnson6
I was going to suggest the pancakes, PB & toast, and smoothies. Also frozen waffles are great as well. To add in some fruit, slice it the night before.
The only reason I will buy it is to sell it on Ebay.
We are having Rosemary pork chops, noodles, and some sort of veg.
Jen that toy looks like it is really annoying! When we get toys like that, we either pull out the batteries or let them die. Christopher has just discovered computer games and those are even more annoying. I am so glad my parents and my FIL and StepMIL are such great gift givers. My parents ordered some books for David through my new business (barefoot books) and my Inlaws gave David a foursquare ball, basketball, and football. My MIL pisses me off though. She...
DS #1 sleeps in a tshirt and pullup. DS#2 sleeps in a variety of pjs. To the OP. I just wanted to mention that the makers of the Sleep Sack have just come out with a bigger Toddler version that actually has foot openings which makes it easier for the Toddler to walk around. Here's a like to the Big Kids sleep sack. http://haloinnovations.com/product_d...cfm?pf_id=1049
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