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I drive a Dodge Dakota Quad Cab truck. It easily fits two car seats. It only gets 16 miles to the gallon on the Highway. I am dreaming of an Odyssey.
I love the pictures of LaRue!
I am a momma to two skinny boys so I understand. Wal-Mart and Target both carry Levi jeans for toddlers that have adjustable waists. Old Nay is carrying jeans now with adjustable waists. Gymboree carries pants with adjustable waist in size 2T and higher. I HTH!
Check out Pedoodles as well. http://www.pedoodles.com
Jen you will have to tell Steph that David and Oscar have the same birthday. In fact we had David's birthday party on the 9th as well. What a party! We had 12 adults and 13 kids in attendance. The oldest kid was 10 and the youngest was 3.5 months old. They all got a long and I think there was only one or two fights. I am just so glad that MIL and StepMIL were civil to each other. They have been know in the past to get into it. I am also glad that StepFIL (he...
I am currently homeschooling DS. He turns 4 on November 1st. Currently we are using Rod and Staff workbooks, waiting for some Abeka stuff to show up, and I plan on doing BFIAR with both boys. DS is also big into outer space right now and I am not sure on how to teach him about space other than going outside at night and looking at the stars.
Congratulations Liz! We have some big kids in this group! I had David stand next to one of those "you must be 36in tall to ride this ride" and he is 34 inches tall with his tennis shoes on. I am guessing he is actually 33 inches tall. We will find out on the 27th. That's when the ped can get us in.
Where we live, it is an hour bus ride to get to the elementary school! I can't fathom the thought of my boys spending two hours out of their day on a bus. This is why we are homeschooling. Now if I could get them to sleep in.
Quote: Originally Posted by midwestmeg Heather; aren't the word phrases funny? Last night Cecilia recieved the ugliest ever 70's style striped shirt from one of her Aunties.... she quickly put it on and pronounced 'I love it!' Goofy girl! David's latest phrase is "I muva u" aka "I love you".
Becca I am keeping you, Clint, and Robin in my thoughts and prayers as you travel. I can't believe our babies are already 2 or soon to be 2. We are having a big birthday party on Saturday for David. All of DH's family is going to be here. That is going to be interesting since MIL, FIL, and StepMIL will in the same house together. I hope they don't fight! David's vocabulary has exploded in the last month. He now loves to snuggle with me and say "I love you". ...
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