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I got pregnant when my DS was 14 months old. We started TTC when he was 11 months old because he was cutting back on how many times he was nursing. He is now 16 months and is self-weaning. For the first month after I found out that I was PG, my nipples hurt a lot when DS would start nursing and then after a few minutes they would stop hurting. I was looking forward to tandem nursing, DH wasn't but with DS weaning I don't think I will be tandem nursing.
My son hated to have his teeth brushed but he was absolutely facinated by watch my DH brush his teeth with his toothbrush. What I found was my son hated the finger brush. I found a toothbrush by Oral B for 4 months - 24 months. Also we let my son try brushing his teeth himself. Now we don't have anymore arguments about brushing teeth. DH brushes his teeth first and then he gives the brush to DS and lets him try. Of course we do this during bathtime and he seems to...
Just what we need....our children drugged up on Benadryl. Personally I have found a good bedtime routine and lots of snuggling works.
My son visited his pediatric opthamologist for the first time when he was 6 months old. Apparently he has what his Ped calls a freckle on his eye. Also they are monitoring him for lack of depth perception since it is hereditary on my DH's side of the family. I would highly recommend visiting a Pediatric Opthamologist if you are concerned about your child's eyes.
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