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Someone on a different message board posted this link as decluttering inspiration, and I thought it was so awesome I had to share with you guys. It's kindof reverse-inspiring in the way watching hoarders is. Hard to look at for very long before you gotta get rid of something! Hope it helps!   http://uglyhousephotos.com/wordpress/?cat=17
Here is that link:   http://www.centerforparentingeducation.org/programs_articlesresource_ucstages.html   And I was thinking about the asking about mom while being babysat, and while I haven't heard any reports of asking for me, he does ask for people like his Aunt and Cousin, and his Grandparents much more often now when he's with me. I guess they just remember more now and I just tell him that people are at work, or sleeping, etc., and when we will see them...
My DS is 2.5 as well and has some of the exact same behaviors, and I wouldn't consider him insecure at all. We are in the process of very gradual weaning now, so for one, don't think it's because you weaned when you did.   Some of the thing that are the same:   Cranky after naps. Almost always. Only wants me, wants to be held, takes a while to get going again. He freaks if Dad's there and I'm not, but gets over it after about 20-30 min. If I've been out he's...
we use on of these: http://www.amazon.com/Fox-Run-Hanging-Vegetable-Kitchen/dp/B003XEKMDA/ref=pd_sim_ba_1 that i found at a garage sale. i hang it on the shower curtain pole.  
DS is crazy (a little too crazy) for Charlie & Lola episodes on youtube. And I really like watching them too!
This exactly. He's worn his since 4 months and is 24 months now.   
Subbing This is a wonderful thread. Clutterwarrior I was nodding while reading your post. My nature is SO resistant to a routine, and I have been procrastinating and putting it off- even though I KNOW it has to happen to let me be more free overall. Thanks to all for the great support!
We are moving and I want ALL my clothes to fit into one dresser and one small closet. I sold a big laundry bag full to a resale shop for $40, and they just donated what they didn't buy so I still got rid of lots. Making some $$ has inspired me to get rid of more that way!
Congrats! I am also wondering how you went about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by tzs cool!!!! i was also up last night trying to think of themes. i want it to be more fun for adults because babes will have fun anywhere and there's alot of friends i really want to catch up with. i thought of doing a movie "drive-in" in the backyard with a big sheet as a screen and a projector, old couches, chairs, blankets, popcorn, etc...i really want to do it but we have an early september b-day and it would be too...
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