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I wanted a really traditional "birthday" theme for DS's 1st Birthday so for decorations I got a bunting/flag banner, made pinwheels for centerpieces, used sheets from the thrift store for tablecloths, and got some balloons. The bunting and crown from etsy were his birthday gift from us . For food I got a sandwich tray made at the co-op deli and asked each of DS's many grandmas to each bring a side (fruit salad, potato salad, 3 bean salad, etc.) I made cupcakes and...
Ha! My just-turned-11-mo does the exact same thing! Super annoying! I just cover it with my hand until he loses interest. IMO shaving would be equally annoying. I might make my own nursing necklace if it gets any worse.
Have you had him seen for reflux? I don't have any personal experience with it but from the baby boards I read it seems *really* common. Hugs mama.
We had the same car seat issues for a while- he's what worked for us: Covering the infant seat with a blanket that was white with little blue stars on it. Light could come through and the stars were high-contrast and gave DS something to look at, while blocking out all the crazy action happening around him. A song. Like pp said, we found one song that would stop the crying. It happened to be the single off a CD I got when pregnant and loved and used to listen to that...
DS is somewhere in between. Leans toward camp A- "easy", quiet, happy-go-lucky, plays by himself for small stretches at a time, sits nicely at a restaurant, etc. But at home he he is a true mama's boy. He needs me to be around, checks in, gets upset if I'm really distracted with other things. Needs cuddling though out the day. Can def get whiny and fussy and cranky pants! However if you only saw us at playgroup, playdates, activities, etc., you would think he's a...
Parenting is hard for everyone and I think every parent works to keep their baby content. High needs babies are not the result of lackadaisical parenting! My biggest fear before having DS was that he would be a colicky baby and my relationship with him and DP would suffer. So, yeah I DO feel really lucky to have a "easy" baby! Roll with it now- toddlerhood might be very "unlucky"!
Thanks for posting this. I have my first plugged duct- hopefully that is all, but your story makes me feel better. Just what I came looking for!
I have wondered about this before as well. I never realized how quiet we are! I try to do a little extra narration when I think of it, but I stopped stressing. It just feels really unnatural to force it.
We have an arms reach- he spent 1 nap in it. Passing it along to SIL.
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