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I don't get why the big fuss is being made about helmets in traffic here. Yes helmets can save your brain if you fall off your bike because you hit a rock. But they are not in any way designed to protect you if a car hits you. They will be useless. I see this misconception so much, that if riding on a busy road of course you must have your helmet on lest you get hit by a car. It makes no sense. I see it in safety advertising too, right up the road from me there is a big...
Jennifer Aniston for me too. I wouldn't use it.
If he knew there would be crazy fees, as per the OP update, he should be made to pay the bill. If he didn't know, yes I would share the information, but more in a 'whoa this is a surprise, I should have told you, we need to never let this happen again' kind of way.
Everyone here will be horrified. But it's done more in Europe - I remember a Didymos ad with a mama bike riding and she had the baby in a back carry.
We do a half birthday every year for my 6 year old, but as we also do a birthday party (I do the birthday, her dad does the hirfday) we expressly say no gifts. I would only accept gifts if you don't do them for the actual birthday.
Yes we had a hard adjustment period at first (well probably not out of the ordinary hard, but hard to me, kwim). But just wait! I'm so glad for the age difference, mine are 4.5 years apart, and omg are they in love. Once baby can interact, IME it's magic.
Just catching up here... to me it's not even about emotional or psychological support or getting to know you. It's that you could go into labour any time between 37 and 42 weeks, or outside that time, and your midwife will drop everything to attend you from 4cm (or earlier, especially if water breaks) onward, through a short or long labour, starting during the day or middle of the night, etc. She assumes legal liability for the outcome of the birth, will provide postpartum...
Could she have a fused labia? Do the labia minora separate fully? Mine had a fused labia, which I didn't notice, and she used to pee upwards.
SMBC x2 here.
Again, congrats to you FTMPapa, I am sending you so many sticky baby vibes. As for friends, I found a huge transition when I was pg and after I had my first. Most of my friends now were not my friends from before, and I have distanced from friends I had before. I ID less with queer community and more with parents. Student parents are my favourites, and queer parents! I go to a playgroup of queer parents and kids once/week and I love that. It's just such a life leap,...
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