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IMO just own it, acknowledge your opinion as your opinion and not the all knowing all seeing overarching perspective. Kwim? That is the problem with praise IMO, that the parents act like we are the ultimate knower of our children, that our evaluation is everything. Just acknowledge that you are a person in the relationship, and feel free to offer your opinions. Including and especially how fabulous you think your child is.
IMO this is not the hill to die on. Our school does this same thing, and there is no way on earth they would 'find an alternate activity' for my child during movie time. Our movie time is lunchhour if it is raining, so they don't go out to play, and the option is parents can come pick them up. I find school fairly immovable on a lot of things, and I reserve my battle-readiness for the ones that really count.
I agree it's the right decision. You can't rehome a biting dog, and you can't keep him with your kids either. Just remember right now he is blissfully ignorant, and you will be making the best possible decision under teh circumstances.
Mine did this too! She was 4.5 when the baby was born but same deal. I set limits for the older nursling (only after the baby, and/or on the lesser producing side, and not 24/7 dude). I also weaned her while still nursing my baby. When your DD is 3, next September (or even now IMO) she will be old enough to understand that she is older, she is being weaned now, when DS is older he will be weaned in his turn. He is still a baby, so he still needs milk. Mine understood it....
My kid, just turned 6 this weekend, is a reading and math geek. Some of them love it. We do public school, not Montessori but we used to joke how we couldn't send her to Waldorf coz all she does is read and watch tv. Some of them like learning these things early.
We are not going. Seems like everyone around here has 'flu like illness' and I just got my kids the shot. Flu is spread more easily in cold air than warm from what I read, and it can live on surfaces (candy wrappers) for 48 hours. It kinda seems a recipe to get exposed to the flu to me. If we hadn't chosen to vax we would probably go, but now I've exposed my kids to the risks of the vax, I won't expose them to the risks of the illness as well, until the immunity kicks...
Fact is some kids are allergic, and it could kill them. Pb and j is my kid's favourite food right now but I have no bitterness that she won't be taking it to school this year. Even from a purely selfish perspective, would your kid want to be the one whose desire to have the exact lunch they want, killed another child?
I refused the PKU with my first. I did it with my second, who didn't cry, but with my first it was that I wanted to avoid the extra 'ouch.' The disorders it tests for, while very severe, are also extremely rare. To make the ever vaulted driving a car comparison, we can say that we should not risk our children's lives for our convenience, shame on us, we should not drive our vehicles, no? I don't think it's omgz end of the world to refuse the PKU test. I would do it in...
Sometimes I think too with all these strategies, kids end up desperately seeking the real us, the real edge, some real limit. Imagine if the people important to you in your life always responded strategically, never with their real feelings or real responses? Some of the most strategic parents I know, who try every technique in a singsong voice, have the absolute most horrible kids.
I honestly refuse to work that hard to have a regular interaction with my child. Even things like 'You wish we were doing something different.' Do you ever say that to someone else apart from your child? I think just being real would go a long way here, being you, telling it like it is, saying No.
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