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I'm another anecdote of healthy pregnancies while 'obese'... in my own case I qualified as 'morbidly obese' during my first pregnancy : and severely obese during my second. Two boring pregnancies, natural births, healthy mid weight range babies. I'm 5'5" and just under 200 now, similar to you OP, and I feel downright skinny. I tell ppl this is my 'Kate Moss look' and I wouldn't think twice about my weight if I got pg now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Carley Weird, I was told to stop taking it when I got pregnant : I take it for insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome too! Well, last I checked which was 6 years ago, there is no real long term data proving its safety. There is a lot that points toward safety, enough that I was comfortable taking it, and RE's IME are very comfortable prescribing it during pregnancy. But I notice regular OBs and docs shy away from...
There is evidence that Metformin lowers miscarriage risk for women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (which is connected to insulin resistance) when taken in first trimester. Insulin disturbances disrupt hormones, and progesterone production can be impacted by wacky insulin levels until 14 weeks, when its production is taken over by the placenta. Some of that might be wrongish, but that's the jist... first trimester, lowers miscarriage risk, because it helps create...
I do bed on floor, and a bedrail/walls to guard the sides so baby can't just roll off in her sleep. And listen closely for waking up noises. I also found it was only a few months' window between when she became mobile and when she figured out how to get down safely.
I think 'omgz get that baby out of there' is not the best approach, but neither is making false platitudes to earn someone's trust. It's manipulative and that shines through. I would message her privately, say from one new mama to another you just wanted to mention this in case she hadn't considered it, so many things to learn and keep in mind with a new baby and you didn't want to be a know it all but just wondered if she was aware. And leave it at that.
I don't like the 'How do you do it alone?' stuff either. It's discouraging, like my life is supposed to be really hard and crazy or something. It's not. I think a lot of what women find so hard about babycare is the sheer inequity of it all, and the disadvantage it puts them at in relation to their partner. Now THAT is hard to deal with. But the actual work of it? Not so much IME. I have found a decent age gap is good, so I only have one baby with intense needs at once,...
Yes I would probably have her put to sleep also. Sorry.
SMC here too! I have a 5.5 year old conceived with a friend (we coparent, with a lot of difficulty in the beginning but now we're pretty good), and I have a 15 mos old conceived using donor sperm. Both girls, and they are both rockin' out in my 5 year old's room right now.
Fold it sideways! I flip mine sideways and fold each end in, so you end up with four layers instead of three. Like this, sideways prefold: | | | | <- fold each end in towards the centre, and then fold in half. Does that make any sense? I swear easier done than said. Takes away all the bulkiness and it got me to like prefolds.
My kid is like that, she is 5.5 and buys her own ice cream from the ice cream stand, own pizza from the pizza stand, that kind of thing. Adults at our local haunts know her and are very kind to her. At the local diner they make her up her own bill.
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