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I think it's fine to have bribed with McD's and then not followed through. Good on ya! If you had followed thru I think that would have been silly and taught them that you are a pushover. If they really dont take you seriously, which it sounds like they don't, I would take it a step further and cancel something else fun they wanted to do. I'm all for gentle discipline but there comes a line when our kids think they run the show, and then IMO you have to take back the reins.
I have been mostly size 22/24 while babywearing, and I find wraps in size 7 (5.2metres) allow me to do all carries including Front Wrap Cross Carry which takes the most length. Mei tais with extra long straps are wonderful. I have a Parapluie and a Bamberoo and with both I can tie 'tibetan' (the tie that takes the most length, and gets pressure off your shoulders without having to do the unflattering on me cross in front). I am not sure how long the straps are but if you...
I think it looks great. I would cut the tofu down to maybe once or twice per week. I'm an agnostic about the tofu drama, I don't know what to believe, so I do it in moderation.
Mine is Bamberoo. It is incredible!
Quote: Originally Posted by Lousli For many, many women, labor is that bad. Yes, but a lot of that has to do with mainstream birthing practices and lack of support. With support and education it wouldn't be that bad. I'm not all flakey-labour-can-be-painfree-if-you-are-groovy-enough, but support, environment and information makes an ENORMOUS difference.
It is true tho that there is a lot of misinformation and people DO very frequently choose epidural and hospital birth because they are misinformed. Not that it's not possible to be informed and choose it, but vast majority of the time ppl just have no clue about the options or believe the fear and hype about how bad labour is. That is true. eta - If someone is choosing natural, guaranteed they are more informed than the average bear. That is reality.
I had natural childbirth for the high. Seriously. I don't get this 'for the baby' stuff. At some point I forgot I even had a baby in there!
Didn't read the whole thread but was this literotica? There is a lot of incest themed stuff on there. I've read some of it. Doesn't make me a perv. Some of it is good if you forget about the incest angle, and some of it makes for curious reading, kinda like rubbernecking a car wreck.
I also think Seasons that it is a really positive thing to assume GOOD things about single motherhood. It is a way to reclaim the identity and create it for ourselves rather than just swallow the societal (negative) construct. Sounds like this woman wasn't there tho.
Eh, I get you Seasons, and I think it's sad she reacted that way also. Totally know what you were trying to say.
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