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Quote: Originally Posted by Juuulie Take the wheels off? Did you mean take the pedals off? Yes, you can. My neighbor took the whole pedal assembly, chain and everything, off his kid's bike and it worked great. We followed a different strategy: we begged Grandma to buy our little guy a Kettler. Yes I did mean take the pedals off. I had never heard of balance bikes til this thread. Now I oogling them and thinking they might make a nice second...
I've done that a bunch of times. Once I drove all around town with the baby buckled in the bucket seat, and the bucket seat not strapped in. : Ahhh good job, mama.
I would but first check with the tattoo place to see if they allow minors. Many do not.
Just wondering if you can take the wheels off a two wheeler to make a balance bike? Or no?
Mine was mamamamamama until age 2, then 'turned' on me and preferred daddy only. Then she was back to me at around 2.5, that lasted a couple of years, and at 4 she became all about daddy again. She is 5.5 now and this morning woke up wondering if it was 'daddy day' or if she is stuck with me. They do change their minds, don't worry!
I helped my 5 year old learn to ride a two wheeler tonight, with baby on my back. LOL.
Quote: Originally Posted by magstphil I agree. We just get so absorbed in ourselves and in our own situations it becomes a battle rather than living life and allowing others to live theres. We really do feel like every little thing must be a fight to the finish. We must advocate for this and this and that at every waking moment. Whatever happened to just live and let live? We don't have to make a statement every single time. If you hear a child crying...
I call my 5 year old DD 'buddy' ALL the time, like every day. This thread cracks me up.
830 pm means nothing. I was out shopping with my own kids until that time last night. Mine go to bed at 10. There is no magic *ding ding ding* that makes kids exhausted by 8pm.
This theory you are espousing has been widely critiqued.
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