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Quote: Originally Posted by Stinkerbell I may or may not have thought about a dominatrix-like scenario where he is forced to "repent" for his misdeeds But then I think about that voice and how that would sound (insert GWB voice here). shudder. okay i spoke too soon. THAT is the grossest thing i've ever read.
Quote: Originally Posted by tireesix ......... Fancy George Bush? I mean, when he opens his mouth hes not all thatbut hes not awful looking is he? What??? that's about the grossest thing I've ever read.
Congratulations mama!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by LynnS6 Oh, I don't know. I think that we don't want to suppress honest emotion from our children. Holding a grudge is different, but it sounds like you've calmed down now. Yep, I think it's cool to get mad. I also support logical consequences for something like this... although I'm braindead and can't think of one right now. I allso think that what people are suggesting about figuring out if something more is going on...
sending baby vibes...
Lukas. Doesn't go with Simon because of the S's. My boy name is Luca.
Vibrator never did mine any harm.
Quote: Originally Posted by zo's ma I hope you don't think I was being sarcastic mama!! I mean really, if the things we do are tagged as irresposible because they aren't the best or perfect......well, there's a lot of "mommy cards", and hell even "human cards" I'm going to have to turn in. I think I'm out too! Nope not you! I agree with you.
People are getting sarcastic and insulting and this is just going around in circles. I'm out... off to sit on the porch with my cats and my unleashed, unmuzzled pit bull.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekimballs At this point, thismama, you're basically saying some version of "I don't believe the ecologists, I don't have any desire to put work into my cats, I don't care, and you're all hysterical." None of those have anything to do with the discussion's actual points (except the refusal to believe the ecologists, and I would hope in that case you'd refute with contradicting studies, not just stick your fingers in your...
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