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I am 38 weeks pregnant, my son was 9 months old when I got pregnant, he is 17 months now, so not only he was an avid nurser, but he needed to nurse, considering his age, so for me weaning was not an option. It has been the most challenging thing of my motherhood, but when this pregnancy is over I know I will be so proud of myself. The worst part was when I suffered from breastfeeding aversion, I never thought my body would react so negatively to my son and there was no way...
My son's name is Jeronimo, we considered Patricio, cant remember what else Daughters name is Luna, spanish but easy, we considered Emily, Penelope, Sophia, Olivia
I am looking for a vbac in Charleston too. A dr at MUSC told me I could attempt a VBAC and in the booklet they gave me it says that 75% of women that attend a vbac at MUSC have a vaginal birth. I only went to one appointment so far, but I have felt very comfortable there.
what kind of books are you looking for? books that have been translated to spanish: -spiritual midwifery -the womanly art of breastfeeding -the conttinuum concept -several dr sears book then there are ssome authors that spanish is there first language, like laura gutman, rosa jove and carlos gonzalez
My son has two passports (US/Argentina), main reason is that you never know when inmigration laws may get harsh, and we want him to be able to freely explore his cultures of origin. I can't think of any disadvantage.
Hi! My name is Agustina, I am originally from Argentina, my husband is originally from Virginia, we are a bit like nomads, we lived the past two years in Buenos Aires, Argentina almost 10 months ago and now we are in Myrtle Beach, SC not sure for how long, at least September. With Jero's birth I attempted homebirth, i was fully dilated and in active labour for 28 hours (total birthing time was 3 days) but he never descended and I never had a pushing sensation, so a c...
not in the 1000 for the last 9 years.. guess thats why my mother in law looked at me in awe when i said 'Jeronimo' hihi
I live in Market Common, Myrtle Beach
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