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If anyone could send me some milk and/or water kefir grains I would appreciate it so much. I can pay shipping. I just don't have the money to buy them on CFH or anything like that. I have looking forever for some that I can afford
is ther a pcos finding your tribe or support thread somewhere that I am missing. if not we should mabie start one
i have heard of people cooking and baking with older milk, and usng if to thin solids. i guess that would all depend on how easily youe are grossed out if you were oing to eat the foods/baked goods, or if your baby is eating solids
http://herbsthandmade.blogspot.com/2...rial-loop.html this is crochet. i don't know to knit so i only know of crochet patterns off hand... this is SOO easy mabie you could figure out how to knit it or mabie you can crochet too?
long story short my mostly mainstraem sister in law is struggling with her daughter when in comes to school, she is in kindergarten and last week was "donuts with dad" she was really upset when it was over and she had to go to class. about an hour later my niece ran into the house crying and screaming "mommy I missed you and love you" there was a man in thoe door way, he asked if this was her house and sil said yes... he said that my niece flagged him down and asked if...
I heard washing your vagina with soap could contribute to yeast infections is this true and if so is the same true for under the foreskin?
have you looked into Baltic amber?
I also love inspired by finn!
I currently live in a Predominately LDS area and it does seem to be an "age thing" or peer pressure because since almost everyone is LDS everyone is doing it, has done it, or probably will do it in the future.` as for me I think it is a huge decision that can only be made by the person that will be baptized and i will have missionary s come do discussions with my children just like they would with a new convert.
Quote: Originally Posted by lilyka I would say yes. BUT there is nothing wrong with wanting to be healthy and that includes your reproductive parts. Find out why you can't get pregnant and taking steps to correct things which may be blocking it is not the same as being unhappy with what God is giving you by way of children. And it is also ok to be excited about reproductive health also meaning you can get pregnant. Does that make sense. So....
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