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How are you "managing" that? given that her stomach is the size of a small peach, its sometimes hard to manage. Does feeding trigger her cough? If so, the best way to manage it is to feed for about 30 seconds or until she's taken the initial let down. If sitting her up at that point triggers her coughing, and she then vomits, then the chances are that if you feed her again, straight after the first vomitting, then she will keep the second feed down long enough for it...
Quote: Originally Posted by LandonsMom So today I noticed a comment on her myspace page from a fam member something to the effect of "Have you taken him to his appt for his shots?" Well, you know what I'd do? I'd put a comment underneath it, saying Quote: Exactly what sort of nosey parker asks this sort of question? Next, you'll be booking her in for her pap smear and rescheduling her eye appointments too?
Even if she does, you don't employ immunodeficient people in a lab that tests for diseases
I think it goes around a lot, but after a series of newspaper articles last year, where the subject of chickenpox parties was labelled as grossly socially irresponsible and tantamount to attempted murder (exagerating here) I think people keep the information very much close to their chests these days.
I think someone's getting mixed up. If you get orchitis badly enough from Mumps you might be very unlucky and get sterile, but chickenpox has never in the literature that i've read, been implicated in sterility. I suspect he was sterile before, but they didn't know, and you got the blame Yes, vitamin C, vitamin A, and using other alternative medicine, lessens the severity of both chickenpox, and shingles. Neat cider vinegar applied neat to the spots and held for...
Yes, this is the third time I've heard of this. The doctor is a moron. And anyone who says that a reaction is different to a side effect is also a moron. I don't think it has anything to do with autoimmunity. After all, if he works in a place where they do tests on diseases, he would have had to have been tested for immunodeficiencies and stuff, and if he had problems he wouldn't be working there in the first place. And if they didn't do that, they were...
Ask them.
It's okay Don't forget the mad hatter.
No thoughts?
She can, but you will be given the third degree for not doing it, and you will be really pressured to have all the rest. Did you have any meningitis vaccines yourself? Have you had meningitis? Did your mother of father ever have meningitis or vaccines for it? Same questions for measles. Have you had measles? Did your parents and grandparents? Are they alive? My suggestions to you is to use the search function, look in the archives, and find out about each...
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