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  The Jackson study is actually more of a pilot study.  Depending on the outcomes, it could lead to further studies, including international comparative study.  Yes, that's all talk.  The thing is we are contributing to the first study which should have a reasonable number of never vaccinated children partially vaccinated and fully vaccinated children to get a more accurate picture than the one researchers currently have.   So who knows who might be able to participate in...
      Please describe what confounders are created by making a sample more homogenous.  Then describe how you would design a study acceptable to you.
  Please tell me what you are seeing.  AND how you would rectify the issues of methodology.
   Please describe this "fundamental flaw".  Let's assume ...  then, that you are here in the spirit of constructive collaboration and are prepared to tell me how to fix this serious problem.  
  Answer the question:       And answer it in the context of a situation where all normal channels of funding have been deliberately blocked up until now.   You want to criticise, then tell us how to do it better.
Can you imagine what would happen if the statistical basis for the analysis of this study was flawed?   the provaccine would eat it for lunch and pop the bag!
  Oh, how do you know that?  Were you there?  I happen to know that the analysis of the statistical methods has been way more rigorous than would normally happen.  Which actually isn't hard, when you look at some of the provaccine studies.
  LOL... I have my faults too you know, - albeit different.... - which is why I've been banned from Mothering so many times before
  I'd love to see Congress help fund it.  Bingo.
  Wonderful.  Are you assuming the science is bad?   Well, I guess then, to you, Jackson University might as well play baseball.   Funding.  Okay, suggest a way of funding that YOU would approve of, and then make it happen.
New Posts  All Forums: