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Is there a spreadsheet or software that allows for tracking weekly budgets vs. Actuals.  We get paid twice a month of opposite weeks so have a check coming in each week.  We are not yet at the point where we can really budget monthly as we have so many week to week expenses.  I've tried Mint but it is monthly. 
I have paid off cards time and time again and closed them.  Then opened them thinking I needed them and that I would do better this next time.  We are done with that.  You are better off with not having them if you know you can't trust yourself with them.  When that "emergency" arises that really is only an emergency in your head, they are very easy to use.  My husband and I are finally realizing this and we are done with them. I would not get one.
Thank you for your responses.  This is in line to what I was thinking as well. 
I am interested in your thoughts on how the economy will do in 2011.  Do you think it will Recover slowly or take another hard hit.  I'm trying to stay prepared in case of another hard hit and I don't want to get caught in a false sense of security.  We are one of those family's that are making it now, paying our bills with a tight budget but another hard hit or further increase in prices will hit us hard.  Also the tax incentives if not put back will hit us hard, I...
I used to be an assistant to a team of people that traveled extensively and PITA expense reports. I set the up with a travel packet. This packet was a plastic clear envelope (you can get them at any office store) and had a small note pad for notes related to expenses, a pen for writing everything down, instructions printed. These plastic envelopes were also expandable and had multiple pockets kind of like an thin accordian plastic file. You could do different types of...
Quote: Originally Posted by prescottchels Hey all, My best friend, her 3 teens and I will be travelling together for a week, soon and we're pondering how best to split the cost of the one hotel room we'll all be sharing. Ideas? None of the kids have jobs so their mom will be covering all their expenses for the trip. TIA, Chelsie I would say 60/40 and have her pay for her families meals. I don't think dividing it by the number of people...
On top the fridge or in a cabinet, depending on my mood. Lately in the same cabinet as the peanut butter. We go through bread fast though as I use it for school lunches and toast in the morning.
My entire downstairs minus the master bedroom is all ceramic tile. It adds up about 1100 square feet. I was wondering what kind of mop you guy would recommend for ceramic tile. I have one that I use but I am not sure if it is the best kind to use. I don't like the rag moms as I suck at using them. Does anyone use a scoomba on ceramic tile. I hate to purchase one and it not work on the floor.
New Here. I work from home two days a week and am off today as well. The kids are in school. Yay!!! I need some motivation to get stuff done today. I've gotten my kitchen clean and dishes done and a load of laundry drying. A pot of seven bean soup is on the stove. I still need to Make my bed - Done and about to get in it. lol Clear the floor in my bedroom - Done Vacuum bedroom - Done Put my laundry away - Done Put kids laundry in their rooms - Made the kids do...
Congrats. That sounds wonderful.
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