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I swore that 2 was my max. I want to be able to travel with my kids and I don't want to buy a mini van. The last couple weeks of my pregnancy were awful and my labour was horrendously short and painful. And now, I am so in love with my second little boy... I'm actually contemplating having another - I would l;ove to have a 3rd boy!
I feel so guilty. I feel so bonded and on cloud 9 with DS2 (1 wk old) but feel so disconnected from DS1 (3.5 years) - he just annoys me and I am constatntly frustrated. I feel awful - like I love this baby more than him, and that is completely not fair. Then I feel guilty that he probably knows this somehow. I was hoping that the baby bonding chemicals would also extend to maintaining my bond with him, but they don't seem to have. Is this normal?
Why??? You should be covered by any province that you moved FROM for 3 months!!!
i just had my little guy and now i have it bad!!! ouch!
Sounds like early labour to me too! Ihad this for a day before DS1 came along. 36 weeks isn't bad - our island midwives who only handle low-risk births deliver here at that point.
Thanks everyone! Cael is pronounced like the vegetable - kale, or rhymes with gail; malachi is mala-kai. DH really wanted Malachi, but I didn't want a name that might be shortened to "mal", since mal means "bad" in so many languages. I compromised and let us use it as a middle name. This labour was probably the hardest thing i've done in my life.... but somehow it's all worth it!
Our little boy (DS2) was born on July 21st at 2:55am weighing 8lbs 3oz. He's amazing and once again I am overcome with love. We made it to Vancouver, BC to wait it out until the baby came on July 17th. DH had the opportunity to work at Vancouver Folk Fest that weekend for the company he works for. Monday our new midwife set up consultations at the hospital so that all the applicable medical staff would be aware of my situation (Myasthenia Gravis + polyhydramnios + rising...
Awe, stressful. I'm sorry you have to have this added stress. Thinking of you and feeling that tomorrow it will go better. Maybe your babe's really laid back
Oh, someone else has probably said it already, but I didn't read oll the responses. I REALLY do feel for you. My DS is 3.5 yrs and we went through a good 4-5 months when he turned 3 (as in angel while he was 2 and everyone else's kids were throwing tantrums to DEVIL over night). I hated to come home from work - I hated to have days off and I was only happy when I was not with him. My DS too has often been described as "too smart for his own good". During that 4-5...
atpeace, I feel for you. I have not experienced this post-partum, but I am expecting my second any time now and this feeling is a huge fear of mine. I am already feeling extremely irritable and moody... altogether overwhelmed and I am afraid that this will continue on after birth. I have felt very depressed the last few days. Sometimes I feel like I have lost my connection to DS and don't feel love for him anymore. Then I feel guilty and cry. Other times, I realize how...
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