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I'm in Human Resources and I love my job.    - I make a very good living, which allows my DH to stay home with the kids and work on a variety of volunteer projects he has interest in. - I have a great team of dedicated professionals that I also respect on a personal level. - My boss gives me a tremendous amount of freedom - he offers support and guidance when I ask, and stays completely out of my hair other than that. - I get to travel a bit, which I like - but...
 What a wonderful post! 
How much is appropriate?  What do you think?
It depends on your company's culture, your relationship with your manager and whether your job can actually be done from home or not.  I think there isn't much harm in asking.  Your manager might prefer to have you working from home than trying to get your work done without you!  
I am a manager and I am not friends with the people who work for me.  In fact, I don't have any "friends" at work.  Not saying this would happen/is happening to you, but I've seen managers allow their personal relationships with people cloud their judgement on business-related matters many times.  
I need to pick a tile for the kitchen black splash.  I have a bold/colorful granite countertop, so I'm struggling trying to find a tile that will look ok.  I came upon stainless steel tile (didn't know it existed!) and I really love it!  The family is split as to whether it would look good or not.    I attached a pic of the kitchen area that will be tiled, a close up of the granite and a pic of the stainless steel tile I loved.   Opinions and suggestions are much...
The women's pants sizes 8 & 10 are gone, but I still have some sz 12 pants & button down blouses as well as the men's dress pants.  Last call, they'll be donated elsewhere by next Monday!     
     This is what I was going to suggest.  A little bit of foundation should cover it enough so it's barely noticeable.
This sounds like normal follow-up with new hires.  We do something simiar at the 3 month mark and we don't include the manager on the email either.    My advice - I would tread lightly on this.  If you have concerns they should be addressed with your manager first.  I would hate to receive a complaint/concern that wasn't addressed with the manager first.  If you have more general feedback or input that doesn't directly involve your manager I would respond with that. ...
I have a $15 Butterball Gift Check redeemable at any grocery store.   $15 Butterball Gift Check requested, Added by TiredX2 on 11/15
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