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Labor total was 12 hrs. 30 min. pushing in the water, which went very fast. I had a home, water birth.
I think the party is fun but hate the junk food associated with it.
I used Jeanette Breen and loved her!
I am considering taking my daughter out of public kindergarten to homeschool. She is 5 and will be 6 in July. I live in NY. How do I begin? How much time will this take? My next issues is money, and time for me. I am a widowed mother so it's just me and her. The time she is in school is a blessing for me as I get to have some time alone. I started school so I can finish my Bachelor's degree. I love the Waldorf school, yet not 100%. I would actually send...
There are no posts here so I will start. I lost my husband to cancer just about one year ago. My dad then died a few weeks later. I have a 5 year old. I am sorting through -- the first year...my daughter to grow up without her daddy. I need to adjust to single parenthood and figure out how to fulfill goals alone. Anyone else out there?
I am a widowed mom of a 5 year old. My help consists of my 78 year old mom but she is in transition as my father died a few weeks after my husband. My daughter started public school kindergarten. I am extremely unhappy with it and what it is doing to her and to me. Currently, I am out of work. I have not worked in 10 years. I am working to finish my Bachelor's degree with 10 classes left. Most days I am very tired as I get 5 hours of sleep a night, because I am just...
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