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I also work away from home. My plan is to CD and BF when the new babe shows up. I've made it a priority to find daycare that will accept CD and BFed babies. In my state, neither is a problem according to law. I've been very upfront when interviewing people too. I think for me to make this happen is to just stick to a schedule and simplify things. My DH is quite supportive and will help out where needed around the house. Don't stress it will work out.
For someone who's building up a NB/Small stash, the TP has been a true blessing! I would say 80% of my purchases have come from there. And I have more to do as soon as PP gets filled again. I don't like to draw money from the bank but instead sell stuff on eBAY to support my dipe buying purchases. There's sooooo much great stuff available right now but it seems silly to me to buy larges when the baby hasn't even arrived. I don't have any past experience to rely on so I...
buying here...I'd love to get one for the new babe.
I'm totally out of it. What's Tgif? I saw the banner and visited the site but no info on who's behind it. Can someone share?
How do ya gals do it? I had 4 items in my basket, and hurried really fast to checkout but only got two. I finally had to buy one at a time and that takes forever! It's going to be awhile before the next stocking... That's ok though the babe doesn't arrive until September.
Hi all, FYI - Not sure if you have had a chance to read their latest newsletter. Here's a clip from it: we have decided to discontinue the following items: * FCB Envelopes * WindPro & PUL Covers * Newborn All-In-Ones They're also going to limit their fabrics. I think this is a great business move to just pair down to what works and has higher demand. With that said, I just bought an FCB envelope. I guess it will be my only one. I may just trade for...
Quote: Originally Posted by penny31 Do you want to see the fabrics I chose? . The dipes are the fitteds I had made a while back and the swatches are the fabrics for my AIOs. E-quilter Fabrics XOXO Those are gorgeous prints and dipes! I love seeing dipes that are bold and beautiful. -Carolina
Kofduke - check out ebay...there's a couple BBH Aio's: http://tinyurl.com/2mtpn btw - I'm not the seller... Carolina
Jodi - congrats on the upcoming babe! I'm also due this late Summer - 9/05 This is my first and trying to balance purchases of nb vs. small sized dipes/covers has been difficult since I don't have any past experience on this. Anyways, I think you're set! Maybe now focus on smalls or one sized? May I ask which WAHM brands you got? I know FCB/LC are on your wish list but are there others you would recommend looking at? Thanks and take care. Carolina
That's it! Thanks so much!!! --Carolina
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