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I love Starfall, which is free, and DreamBox, which is not.  Reading Eggs is really good too (also not free).
I totally agree.  I love the toenail painting idea.  I bet she'd love that!
And I wanted to say that every single emotion you mention I've been through, and come out the other side, and I promise that it will be okay.   Also, there's a mathematical formula for how long it takes a baby to go to sleep: approximately 60 seconds longer than an older sibling can amuse herself quietly for!  That's something I've read a bunch of places, and it's so, so true.  Newborn eyes drooping... dropping... slowly closing... AAAAAAAAAAAAH MOOOOOMMMEEEEEEEE I...
Is there a chance your DD is getting her 2 year molars?  That would explain the extra food pickiness, and the runny poop, and the extreme tantrums.  I'd try to get a good look back there and see if her gums are swollen, and dose up with pain relief as necessary.   Other than that, I wanted to give you a big hug.  Going from 1 to 2 is a big transition for everyone, and it's really hard to watch that transition and blame yourself when things go wrong.  I definitely...
My parents were big on read-alouds, and I don't remember ever having any say in what they read to us.  It was always really good, though.  I think it's fine for you to dictate what you want to read to her.  She can read whatever she wants on her own time.
I'm sure it really depends on the area, but here under $10 an hour is pretty good for kids classes.
We had a pair of slippers from Target.  The upper part was a nice fleece, and the soles were fairly thick rubber.  They worked perfectly, and DD could get them on and off herself.    
We've just begun kindergarten, but I find that I get the most useful discussion about it on the Well Trained Mind forum. 
Quote: I think that this is an excellent point.  Doesn't Germany still do the system where you take a very intensive test when you're 10 or 13 or something like that to see if you'll even be allowed to continue academic schooling and eventually end up at University?  Somehow I doubt that, if a child only starts school at 7 and then is expected to take this test just a few years later, those years are filled with skipping through the forest looking at gnomes.  I would...
I know this is my second answer, but I'm going to change my answer a little.  I think it's too early to tell.   The old moderation was way too strict.  Right now, there seems to be a backlash against it.  Which I think is a normal, cathartic experience.  Bring the pendulum too far in one direction, and it will swing back violently.  The whole thing where kids go off to college and act crazy.   I think that the current chaos is just a phase: at least, I hope that...
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