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TWWS is a pretty tight knit community at this point, so I'm not sure many people will leave it to come back over here.  Users might be more comfortable posting some questions here.  For example, there is a whole forum about homeschooling here, whereas a homeschooling section there might just get lost in the muddle.  UC and anti-vax beliefs are openly criticized there, so if a TWWSer wanted to ask a question about those (and people there are pretty crunchy, so I am...
  What would count to you as "real research"?   Are you suggesting that a new mother go to the library and actually read the hundreds of thousands of pages of books about every single thing relating to parenting?  Pay a few hundred thousand dollars for a medical degree, in order to access medical journals?  Just do whatever your extended family tells you?      
Yeah, a lot of them are.   And how is that related to the threads where people discuss the awful tragedies that also happen over here?   Again, I'd like some specific examples.    
Could you please provide examples of this tragedy "mocking" that you keep mentioning?  Because I've been around the TWWS site for a while now, and I've never seen it.  But I admit that I haven't read every thread ever there.  Could you provide some examples?
(Hey!  Quoting worked this time.)   Especially since it turns out that delayed solids can have lifelong health and allergy repercussions.  But don't let science and facts and your child's health get in the way of whatever pseudoscience you made up to feel smug and superior!   And a big YES to EviesMom.  Facebook pages are used as official faces of organizations, and are usually heavily moderated.  When you allow hate speech to stay up on your page, it represents you.  If...
Again, quoting function still not working, sorry, but IrishMommy, I think it is very normal for organizations to remove hate speech from their Facebook pages.  I also would have no issue removing hate speech from MDC.  It's when I get my message deleted because I post a link to a PubMed abstract about when to start solids and a "polite" note about how natural family living means delaying solids that overmoderation becomes an issue.
My quote button doesn't seem to be working, but OMG NannyMcPhee some of the things there are AWFUL.  I can't believe MDC isn't moderating that discussion.  If I hadn't defriended Mothering a while ago because of a really vaccine post, I would do so now!  MDC should be embarrassed to have some of those comments on their Facebook page.
Adaline'sMama, I'm not really sure what your point is.  You are angry and hurt that your question was brought over there and laughed at.  That's fair.  But beyond that, what exactly is your point?  What are you suggesting?  What exactly would you like the rest of the internet to do?
I also wanted to mention, for anyone who goes searching for their user name, that a few months ago the Trolls site crashed and then the backup crashed too.  So there is about 2-3 years that is missing.  If you search for something, a lot of posts from 2008 and earlier will come up, which may or may not still be pertinent to you.
I admit that it was the snark that first made me curious about that message board, but after about a year of posting there I realized I was there a lot more than here.  There is a much more supportive and educational environment over there.   Here so much of the "support" is really fake.  I'm not talking about asking for support and good thoughts if something is wrong, but when people ask for advice.  Should I delay vaccinating, is it normal for my 3 year old to...
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