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Based on what you say, it could go either way.   I call my kids each a little pet name, and sometimes someone else calls them that and my first thought is "the cheek!  How dare they use MY pet name?"  But then I realize that they're just a little confused, and are using the name that the child seems to answer to, presumably thinking that it's a regular nickname that everyone uses.
I really hope that your daughter hasn't already suffered permanent damage, and that you've given her the antibiotics.
I would be concerned about someone calling CPS because a little kid was alone on a train.  I can imagine safety officers waiting at the next station, and when they see your DH having some questions for him and possibly taking this to a higher authority.
Keep in mind that Steiner assigned spiritual significance to various different materials, and that is the main reason why a Waldorf doll is such a specific thing.  If you are not a believer in anthroposophy, as I am not, then there's no reason to think she'd get something out of a Waldorf doll that she wouldn't get out of a plastic one.   It sounds like she's still very young.  As she gets older, I think the bells and whistles of the baby doll will probably be less...
I don't think my daughter's ever touched her Waldorf doll.  Her very favorite toy is her Carolle doll.  She sleeps with her and takes her everywhere.  The Waldorf doll might appeal to my aesthetic tastes more, but I would never take a beloved toy from her just because of that.
Ah, that makes more sense.   In my experience, pharmacists actually receive the most up to date information about medications.  Maybe you could contact a school of pharmacy, or ask your doctor for some sort of referral to someone who is well respected in the medical community?
Most cultures have mythological explanations for things that are not easily explainable.  Childbirth being painful as a punishment falls under that category.  The real reason is quite simple, as others have said.  It hurts to squeeze a watermelon out of a hose pipe!  (I didn't coin that phrase, but it always makes me laugh, because my kids have BIG HEADS and they do sorta remind me of melons :) )  The ability to stand upright means that we need thick, solid pelvises....
It sounds like the 3 people you've spoken with are all basing their opinions on the most up-to-date information.  I think I'm confused as to what you're looking for.  Just a 4th opinion who will tell you it's okay, where the first 3 told you otherwise?
Normally, I strongly believe that all opinions are equally valid, in that it is the right of any person to hold any opinion they believe.  (I don't really want to get into it here, but I want to note that this doesn't mean that I don't think some opinions are pretty stupid... but again, I believe that's my valid opinion.  And when your opinion turns into an action that's unthoughtful or hateful, that's a totally different situation.  Again, this thread isn't the time to...
That sounds very strange to me.  Here all the preschools are 1/2 day, either morning or afternoon session, and either 2 or 3 days a week.  5 day programs are rare, and full day programs do't exist, except for daycare.  Where do you live that 4 year olds are all in school all day every day?
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