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I don't know your childcare situation, but bear in mind that volunteering in the school would require finding childcare.  Volunteering to work with the school board would probably be evening commitments, and it might be easier to have your DH arrange his schedule to be home so you can go out.   I would DEFINITELY recommend attending school board meetings.  They're open to the public, and you'll learn a lot. 
It's pretty common around here for retired SAHMs, or even just ones with school aged kids, to open little preschools in their living room.  They get licensed as in home daycares, so they can have up to 6 kids per teacher.  A few of the "real" preschools around here started out that way... the teacher decided she loved it so she found a few other teachers and they rent a room in a church basement or something.
I think stik might just be confused about why you're trying to be cute?  Asking how to massage your descriptions could be read as asking how to lie.  I don't think you meant it that way, but I can see how it was read that way.  If you were comfortable writing what you actually do during the day and having them pass muster, you'd just write that out.  I'm assuming that you're confident that your children actually are learning, and are just trying to be funny.    As an...
That's such a hard age.   If it makes you feel any better, that's the age that A LOT of kids stop reading.  It's a really tough age for fiction.  They're too old for kids books, but what are they supposed to do with grown-up books?  A 12 year old just can't related to the mature themes of Love! Death! Life! that most grown-up fiction books present.  The cheesy romance novel is a pretty normal step for them to go through... basic formulaic plots that are so silly they...
The "new math" that article is talking about (which really can't be called new anymore: it's been popular for at least a decade) is one of the primary reasons I want to homeschool.  It's been an unmitigated disaster.   http://d-edreckoning.blogspot.com/2006/09/its-official-everyday-math-sucks.html (the other main one is TERC math.  If you google "TERC criticism" or "everyday math sucks" or something like that, you'll find a ton of articles)   I don't know what...
I would call the school board or school committee and say that you want to volunteer but that you don't want to run.  They'll most likely have subcommittees of parents and community members.
Hmm, I think I'd rather Waldorf and Montessori stay under learning at school.  I think the home experience and the school experience are very different.  Maybe the tags could be Waldorf-at-home and Montessori-at-home?
Teach Your CHild to Read in 100 Easy Lessons doesn't have pictures, but it is cluttered.  You could always re-type the lessons, so it's just the words on a blank page.
I went on a mini-rant in a homeschooling thread (it was like 4am, and I was BFing is my only excuse!) about how I don't like how when you subscribe to a forum you also subscribe to the subforums.  I subscribe to the homeschooling forum, which means all the unschooling forums come up on my subscription list, and reading those posts is irritating at best and they make me want to call CPS at worst.  I'd rather not see them at all.  Dar suggested that I come here and mention...
Why Charlot Mason, and notother homeschooling philosophies? Classical, Waldorf, Montessori, Enki, online charter.  Unschooling has its own subforum, but radical unschooling might be a tag.   Secular, Catholic, and whatever the polite term for fundamentalist protestant would be useful, especially if you can filter by multiple tags.  It seems like people search for secular science curricula pretty often, for example.
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