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Yes, please do! :) It's a great active group. And you will get to see baby announcements more quickly!
The group is no longer secret, btw, just closed... feel free to message me and I will send you the link to join the FB group.   As for me, the primary reason that I have been active there and not here is b/c I simply check into FB more often AND it there is much more privacy there. I would not have been comfortable posting some things here that I have shared there. It's been a really great group and I think that we will be active long-term to some degree or another, and...
We are non-vaxers here and have a supportive pediatrician. That really helps!   The vaccination forum here (and the archives) are a great place to get more information if you have any specific concerns about not vaccinating.   I own and have found helpful Jill Aviva Romm's book "Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent's Guide: How to Make Safe, Sensible Decisions about the Risks, Benefits, and Alternatives". You might have heard of it/read it but just wanted to mention it in...
Please come to FB, we don't want to miss any announcements! It is a secret group, though, that's the tricky part... I'm asking there about how to get anyone from here added who would like to be. But there is a lot more privacy there, which I appreciate and that's why I haven't been very active here.
Beautiful!!! :) And congratulations!!! <3
Well... my 7.5 year old is STILL sleeping with us! Ha. And I'm due in April. She tells me that when the baby comes, she will scoot her bed a few feet away. She will be 8 yo then. We will see! But something will need to change, for logistical reasons. I have heard that many kids do respond to the needs of a new sibling once they come along.
I hear ya... I had a miscarriage at 11 weeks a year ago, so when I went to my 12 week appt I had a lot of anxiety (despite being MISERABLY sick until a few days ago and having pretty strong symptoms...) It was a huge relief when the MW just put the doppler down and we immediately heard the heartbeat! I told dh that I'm finally starting to believe that we will end up with a baby in April... I'm sure I will feel more confident after the next 2-4 weeks when I start to pop a...
Finally feeling brave enough to join, after lurking for a while. :) My EDD is April 19th... this will be my 3rd child, I have 2 angel babies. <3
That was so, so helpful!!! My 7 year old had all kinds of weird waking up issues, which according to that are the confusional arousals.... they did get better as they got older but honestly she could not have slept alone from 2-4 years of age (or if she was asleep alone, fairly often she would wake up and need to be settled... but it was that weird upset, crying thing, even crying for mommy though I was RIGHT THERE that freaked me off, along with lovely things like...
I think that my biggest issue, personally, is that she still wants to touch me all night long. Sometimes I can "handle it" but other times it just drives me really nutty.   I think if we had a 3rd child who was a couple of years younger (like 3-5 yo) that those two little ones would happily be sleeping together. But life circumstances weren't right for us to do that. Maybe a dog would help lol.   I guess I will be doing this for a while!  
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