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We had ttts.  My recommendation is to have a very thorough look here http://www.tttsfoundation.org/   there are some religious references on the first page so if you are not religious please try to look past that as that is probably the most complete sight your going to find for information.  They also have a facebook page. Hang in there think positive but I would definitely be preparing now for the very real possibility of extended complete bed rest as your pregnancy...
oh Liz!   It has taken a while for me to be able to finish reading about what happened to you and your Aquila.  I would read a little and then it would become too painful and I would have to "walk away" for a little and come back.  You are so incredibly strong to share this with everyone.  May God's blessing be with you as you continue to heal and through it all know you are helping so many come to terms and work through their own tragedies.
  I hadn't thought of that, you are completely right!   Now I view it as a "I cant think of a logical argument so quick attack her as a person even if I have to get rude/nasty." sort of situation vs. a "wow, she sure has gotten weird, better say something to warn her" type of situation. 
I guess I am alone on the complete Christmas fail.   I took your advice Karen and just let things be for a while yesterday.  The kids put the gingerbread house together while I fed the boys (didn't manage to stay standing long but they had a blast doing it) went ahead and cut snowflakes even though I had a million chores to do...  It still doesnt really feel like Christmas around here but it is a start.... better late than never, right?  
Congratulations!  How wonderful and I am sure overwhelming all at the same time!
please add me to the PM list as well.
Congratulations!   I am in love with your little guys name.   Your pictures are amazing thank you for sharing them.
Oh! and Heather, super yaaaaaa on your little one rolling over, how cool is that all our babies are getting so big.
  Our thrush has came back (or never completely went away?)  I woke up for their 3 o'clock sodium medication and the blood had fused my nipples to my shirt.  Dh is picking up some medication for me and the boys on the way home from work that will hopefully knock it out for good.   So is everyone's "I need to fold those" clothes pile as huge as mine?
I am feeling a LOT of momma guilt today and am hoping some of you can help me feel at least like it is normal.   We usually go all out for Christmas.  Not a lot of presents or anything but we always make a bunch of stuff (like salt dough ornaments and paper snowflakes from the ceiling), bake/cook a ton of traditional things, and do the classic activities like going to look at the lights and having an annual gingerbread party.  This year?  Well.... dh did pick up a...
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