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The link didn't work for me : (  Now I'm super curious to know what it was.
Just had to chime in and say now that we are in the thick of things so to speak, I really wish I would have bought half the diapers I did and gotten all AIO's vs. buying the pre-folds with covers.  Sure I would be washing twice as frequently but they are sooo much easier to deal with especially in the middle of the night.
Oh, Nic!  That sounds just horrid.   Please let us know what your doctor says.  I worry for you.  The OB I had with my first daughter was a train wreak of a practitioner and did a really bad botch job on my rip of 4 and I dont want to scare you or anything but just before getting pregnant with my second daughter I ended up having to go to another doctor and having some scar tissue problems taken care of.  Definitely better to address this now while everything is still...
Catie, KittyWitty and any others with babes feeling out of sorts.  My second child cried for what felt like non stop for the first year of her life.  It was so hard at the time but I am happy to report she is a pretty awesome person regardless  (although she still blows up when she gets angry...)   Heather!  That picture is sooo pretty.  Your dh is one talented fellow.  My brother-in-law was semi-professional and did all our wedding photos for the cost of the film, I...
Good point!
Thank you all for the responses.  Usually when you start a thread with "dont want to sound like a nut..." that is exactly how you end up sounding.  So it was good to hear others have experienced/noticed this.   MamaRabbit do your little ones still do that or did they out grow the behavior?
I think this lady  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UEyvt8RhWQ  did a pretty good job at demonstrating how to use a wrap with twins.  She is using a Dolcino in the video but I used the same technique with a Sleepy Wrap so it should be fine with any of them.
Heather, is your dh a photographer? I somehow never notice the obvious to others so please over look me if that is a stupid question.
Reading occupied my time a lot but to be honest after a while I needed some numbing down time so I have to say having netflix on my tv in my bedroom was a sanity savor for me.  If you own a playstation 3 or a wii you can have netflix on them.   The biggest downside we had from my bedrest was the complete depletion of our savings.  My dh had to go on FMLA to stay at home with the other children while I was on bedrest, we spent all our savings just paying the bills...
Although my boys are rarely ever dressed the same I have to say it is more out of necessity than preference.  I have 2 older sons so plenty of hand me downs and I really didn't see any point in buying much new with so much already at home.  If I had to buy everything from scratch I think they would have ended up with a lot more matching clothes than what they currently have.
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