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I'm not officially a single mother yet, but I've made the decision to leave so I will try to answer. There were many, many incidents that should have been the wake up call, but which I managed to rationalise away. Just a few examples: - when he got angry at me for crying over a miscarriage and made me sleep on the sofa so that I wouldn't disturb him. - when he refused to help me do the dishes or take the trash out when I was in labor. (I'm not a crazy neat freak btw,...
We struggled with this too. In the end we just chose a name that was easily pronounceable in both languages, but which isn't strongly attached to either culture. What about doing a first name from one culture, and a middle name from the other? Or maybe combining parts of names to make a new one? Try not to worry too much about what the family thinks. Whatever you choose, there will be someone who doesn't like it.
This: Quote: Originally Posted by TanyaS You did the right thing. The other friend is upset because she knows what she did was wrong and she got caught. ...and this: Quote: Originally Posted by Ellien C Makes you wonder what she's doing to your kid on date night, doesn't it. She just can't be trusted to respect your choices.
Ugh, I'm sorry. How utterly infuriating! All I can say is that it's confirmation that you made the right decision in leaving him.
I'm so incredibly sorry for your loss, mama.
That's ridiculous. There are only so many hours in a day, and as a single mother you don't have many to spare. Don't feel one bit guilty about not wanting to do this!
I'm fluent in two languages - English & Icelandic. I also learned French in high school, but I don't remember much.
Quote: Originally Posted by bandgeek I don't see much wrong with it, but then I think sex and masturbation are healthy and wanting to see naked girls is normal for a 14 year old. I wouldn't buy a playboy subscription for my son, but if he wanted those magazines and paid for them himself, oh well. I would worry more about actual porn, but even with that I can see the attraction and wouldn't freak out. I'd be more concerned about making sure to discuss...
Quote: Originally Posted by joensally Why, so she can be haunted by knowing that an intimate moment was seen by her mother? I agree with PPs, if you haven't had the "talk" you ought to, but without mentioning what you saw. That said, yikes, I feel for you! This! Please don't say anything about it to her - any 13 year old (well, anyone any age) would be mortified to know their mother had caught them masturbating.
Way too much!
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