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I am due around November 13th. Happy Preganancy everyone
teehee, ok, thanks!!!
I think I have the membership requirements, I think, but I can see it. All is in it is the wahm well though?
Quote: Originally Posted by MaerynPearl LZP I'm going on a detox as of AF... a pretty heavy one to kick start my weight loss for next year... I want to be a healthy size again for my wedding... trying to get my BMI down under 30 How do you check your bmi? I would love to check mine I just put on a few pounds of winter wright
I guess I thought there was more th the trader post than just a WAHM thing, or am I missing something?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mom2Joseph I am recently divorced. My ex left me for his co-worker and they are still together and planning a life together. Despite being devestated by the divorce....I sincerely want to develop a workable relationship with StepMom. What would you wish the bio mom in your life would have done to make the relationship better? Or what advice would you give? I am blessed in that she is nice and my children really like...
Quote: Originally Posted by Katie34 AutumnLaughing I know- check this out. The other day my internet was down for a day and I thought- oh goodness, how will I look to see if I might be pregnant?! : That was friigin funny!!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Katie34 mamaoffive so sorry for AF My eggs are fine, though- it is my dh who doesn't have sperm. well, poop! I am plain out of that!!!!!!!
AFM AF showed this morning just like clockwork, 3 days early, as always....... I am so sad and crying, I knew I probably wasn't, but this was my last chance, ever. I am single now, for good, and I just wanted this one last chance, kwim?> Holdensmamma Congrats!!!!!!! Sticky bean juice coming your way!!! songtothemoon Congrats mamma!!! Sticky sticky sticky, ya know, like a a postitnote MAE just pee on it!!! KATIE Im sorry, why dont you just come and get...
MAE You are prego, just admit it already!!!!!!! lol, we have all been stalking you like crazy, man, now will have to stalk you in your ddc, just out of force of habit: teeheehee, AFM, well, today was really crazy, and i did NOT get a chance to pick up a test, BUT tomorrow AF is due, at the latest the day after. So, we will see. I am crampy, but is a different crampy, not AF like at all, but time will tell. Other than that, I really have no symptoms, so if I am, would...
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