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Have you tried getting an adjustment with a Webster certified chiropractor? My baby flipped to vertex at about 31 weeks after visiting my chiropractor.
My little one flipped to vertex just 2 weeks ago at 31 weeks. I have a prenatal today, so hoping he or she has remained vertex. I went to the chiropractor and she performed a Webster adjustment in hopes of encouraging the little one into the right position. Just two days before that, baby was breech... I had my chiro appointment and then a prenatal immediately after and she confirmed that baby was vertex. Here's some info I found by googling Webster Technique...
I may be birthing without my DH. Even if he happens to be there physically, I don't know if he'll be able to provide any support to me during labor and delivery. We are planning a homebirth for this birth. This will be our first homebirth and only my second birth with my DH. All of my previous births were in the hospital with an epidural. I'm considering a doula, I don't think I can afford one as I'm scraping every penny just for the midwife. Tips, advice, BTDT...
When I was pregnant for DS#3, my then 4.5 year old (DS#2) said we should name him "Tom and Jerry" (yes both) This time around we are not finding out the gender. When I asked this weekend, DS#2 said he felt the baby was a girl and we should name her Violet or Daisy. DS#3 (2 years old) always says that it is a baby sister in my belly and today said we should name her "brother".
How do you refer to your baby in casual conversation? I don't like calling my baby "it". Most times I say "he", partly due to having all boys. Occasionally I'll say "she" or "the baby". What do you do?
I currently do some bookkeeping work for a neighbor. There was an issue recently where they couldn't find certain information from a time period of before I started working for him. When I signed on with him I moved one year's files from huge envelopes of disorganized mess into an accordion file. Then about a month ago I did the same for the next year. I did not get paid for the extra work and all I did was sort alphabetically and ensure that the files were in the correct...
I'm not sure how near you are to Douglasville, but when I lived in GA I found help here: Pregnancy Resource Center 3030 Chapel Hill Road, Douglasville, GA (770) 920-1000‎ pregnancycenter.info
I had some first trimester bleeding with my current pregnancy (I'm 17weeks now). When I went in for an ultrasound due to the bleeding, the baby's heart rate was measured at about 76 bpm. My OB reassured me that everything was probably going to be okay. I think I was just shy of 6-7 weeks. This point in development is when the heart first starts to beat. Therefore, it starts out slowly and builds up to the rapid hr everyone is used to hearing. Does your friend have any...
Thanks ladies for all of your suggestions! I was able to get by with liquids and beef broth for lunch. By dinner I was able to eat a sandwich. Most days I'm okay (only getting sick every couple of days or so) but the days where I can't keep anything down all day just worry me.
I've had issues with pretty bad morning sickness, sometimes to the point of not keeping anything down even water. During pregnancy I crave milk but dairy products don't sit well. Since dinnertime last night my stomach as been rejecting all solid foods, liquids seem to be okay at the moment. I'm hungry but at a loss of what to eat. I'm so tired of throwing up everything I eat. ANY suggestions would be much appreciated! (BTW I'm about 15-16 weeks)
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