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I would like to see incorporating oak meadow in a multi cultural family
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Our children are doing well and i don't want them to end up behind or not seen as important because the teachers don't need to "help" them to get to 'passing' some random test.
we wanted named that were a blend of cultures and also, in my opinion, many of the boy names in India "sound" feminine to my midwestern family... Aditya, Pradhi... stuff like that...
i am in the Far north but i'm using Blessed Expectations for my planned VBAC/HBAC. She's based out of Queen Creek so she's definitely east valley
Quote: Originally Posted by cmaderazo I have read several reports about the toxicity of Hyland Teething tablets. From my understanding, the tablets in general are not toxic. They contain a very small amount of belladonna. The problem arises when there is a toxic level of belladonna in a couple of tablets. Considering that the dosage is 2-3 tablets at a time, if there is a toxic amount in just a few, it would be possible for a child to be poisoned. ...
hi ladies - i'm north phoenix. i picked up stuff to start my compost this week! yay! i have a counter-top compost and just need to have a place to put the stuff now, lol. i hope to start planting by december, i know that spinach seems to be good to do over the winter, but we shall see!
hi beppie! i'm due with #2 and wonder if my #2 will look like #1 at all
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