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Baby # 1-induced at 41+4 Baby #2-40+4 Baby #3 40+4 Baby #4 40+3   All my natural spontaneous labours had about the same gestation period.
Connie Blokkum is an IBCLC and works out of the Katy Birth Center in Katy.  I don't know how much she charges but I do know when a friend of mine called her for advice she spent tons of time with her on the phone over several calls and never charged a dime.  I have met Connie and she is a really nice lady.
I moved to Houston 2 and half years ago from Canada and we love it here.  The summers are hot but we got a house with a pool and AC so it's totally tolerable.  And the trade off is a whole winter that you can spend enjoying the outdoors.  We can go to the park in December!  There is a ton of great stuff to do here, shopping, museums, concerts, professional sport events, pretty much anything you want to do.  The locals sometimes complain about the mosquitoes here but...
DDCC...I have had this with all 4 pregnancies and it is miserable!  I just suffered through it with the first 2 because I didn't know what it was or that it had a name or that you could treat it.  With my last baby I started chiro care at about 5 months and after about 4 visits I really started to notice some significant improvement.  With my current pregnancy I was actually pain free up until about 7 months and then I started regular chiro visits again.    So that's my...
I really like Nurtured Family.  Lots of selection of diapers and all kinds of other baby related stuff.  Really nice store.  It's not inside 8, but I don't think it would be too terribly far from where you are.  http://www.nurturedfamily.com
I get the "you must be in the final stretch" or "any day now?" or any other variation of "omg, you're figgin huge, you look ready to pop!"  I just smile and say I have a few more weeks to go.  But here's the thing that's really getting me.  Everyone asks if it's a boy or a girl, and I say boy (we have 3 girls)  and they are just all over joyed and say "oh you must be so happy", or "you finally got your boy" etc etc.  I find it soooo annoying.  We would have been...
ArcticRose, I could have written your same post the other night.  My 18 month old peed all over my freshly washed and made bed and then as I was cleaning that up she got into the crayons and colored all over a peice of furniture.  And then I had a mini breakdown and cried for an hour.  I am having baby number 4, my oldest is only 5,  and I was just totally and completely overwhelmed at the thought of trying to keep up with 4 of them!  I understand your frustration of...
I've had SPD with all 3 of my births, the first two were in great position, the third was posterior, I don't think that had anything to do with the SPD though.  I would recommend chiropractic care to help with both the pelvic pain and with achieving optimum positioning before the birth.  
I have had this with all of my pregnancies, getting worse with each one.  With the last baby I finally saw a chiropractor and it made all the difference in the world.  Took about 4 treatments before I really had a big improvement but it was so worth it!!  I recommend it, but find a chiro who specializes in maternity care and knows what they're doing.
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