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ach! yep. i just looked at each individual certificate... and most of 'em require a minimum purchase of $35, or 4 entrees. my family doesn't spend that much at restaurants! oh well.
has anyone tried this? www.restaurant.com at the site, you buy $25 gift certificates for only $10. at a great variety of restaurants local to you. it sounds great! and great for gift-giving.... any personal experience with this? i'm thinking i'll try buying one and see how it works.
Oh, I love those Utilikilts... mmmm! I need to get my dh one!
I voted 8... that's how many I can think of off the top of my head. I have four homebirthing Deaf mamma friends! And I'm working on more.
Hi mama! I'm a profoundly Deaf mama to two lovely girls- my first is hearing, and the second is Deaf. My husband is also Deaf. So- yes, we do need to have equipment that help us when necessary- the light flashers that a pp mentioned. But. In no way at all has my deafness impaired my ability to parent effectively. We all adjust to our disabilities, flaws, whatever our individual challenges are in life. Our children do also. Attachment parenting is definitely...
I hadn't spent much time doing this at all in August.... busy with starting a new job, my mom's visit, and more! But, with a bit here and there, I managed to cash out for: 83.50 at Deal Barbie, 48.80 at Instant Profitz, and 86.40 at Fusion Cash. Nice extra cash for spending only a few dollars and a few hours! More next month- I'm hoping to do the casino offers, and do more big money offers. Fun!
Yes, I only use the free hand to sign when the other hand is otherwise occupied. It's no problem. I'm fluent in ASL, though! But, yes, we definitely do end up with more lag time, time where we need to stop at moments and focus on the conversation. This is especially more important for my 4 yo dd: when she signs, she likes to stop walking. I respect that need... as language comes more easily and naturally for her, and her capacity for multi-tasking develops, then...
Well, I don't know if the international sign language is used conversationally throughout Europe, or in more formal, interpreting situations. Each country has its own sign language. Hell, there were so many different signing styles in each region of Italy! I was still able to follow int'l sign fairly well. I'm a native signer, though, so signed languages come more naturally to me. But, yes, as an ASL user, I was able to connect and communicate to other international...
There IS an universal sign language that is used more extensively in Europe. As far as I know, it's used at big international Deaf events such as the World Games for the Deaf, international deafness conferences, and so on. I don't know it personally. As an American, I don't have enough daily exposure to international signers. But the Europeans that I met in my travels in Italy were familiar with the universal sign language, and it was used when making speeches at...
yay! another GPT mama checking in
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