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oh, an ERGO at a yard sale? we're all moving to Asheville!! Once I found this $1 book on raising angora bunnies that sold for $90 on Amazon! Pretty good, eh?
My first daughter absolutely LOVED being carried, from day one. She still begs to be carried, and she's 4! But my second babe... did go through a phase where she didn't want to be carried, where she wanted to be on the ground where she could see all the action, and move her body. I let it go for awhile, and carried her for brief times here and there... but we eventually reached a point where she wanted to be in my carriers for longer periods at a time. Now she ASKS...
Personally, I like Waldorf-style dolls. But that's my personal bias- I like playthings that are more open-ended and encourage creativity. And the Waldorf dolls are nice to cuddle- all warm and wooly!! But on the sling front.... Hotslings has those cute kids' slings, and Maya Wrap does, too. Some WAHMs sell their slings in kid sizes. I'd go with one that is similar to the one that you'd be using, so your kid would be just like mama! What sling are you planning...
lovely ..it's just lovely!
My 4yo still loves being worn... the girls fight over who gets to be on mama's back. We were using a mei tai mostly, wrapping a bit... but I just got a toddler patapum and it is AMAZING! Wearing my 4yo is easy and comfortable. Yay! I really like having a carrier that both my girls can ride in, so if I start out with the little one in the carrier, and by the end of the day, when my 4yo is tired, I can pop her in there and carry my 18mo.
dd is 18 months, and has been sleeping through the night for at least 6 months. still no AF!
Noro Silk Garden!! It's amazing. So soft and the colors are gorgeous.
I homebirthed in Oregon, it was covered by insurance. I believe the insurance company paid my midwife after the birth. Paying up-front wouldn't have been an option for us, but I understand the need for midwives to have income!
hmm, interesting. maybe too much yogurt? but yes, more liquid= icy popsicles. more yogurt/milk= more creamy popsicles. we love frozen smoothie popsicles here. yogurt, OJ, frozen fruits. Bananas are a must!! Two ripe bananas totally sweeten up a blender of smoothies/popsicles, so we don't need to add sweetener. Some of our favorite mixes -milk, yogurt, frozen strawberries and bananas. nice and creamy. -OJ, pineapples, bananas, mangoes. yum! -coconut...
Mama, I understand you. I'm listening. I have so many friends who are going through similar struggles. I respect you for taking the time to think about your options thoroughly. I'm not trying to start a debate. My only suggestion, if you chose to do AVT, was to continue to sign. I am sure that if you leave this up a bit longer, that you will get input and perspective from other parents who have chose to go with AVT. (I think MITB's point was that...
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