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on the nursing being your secret weapon! A sling definitely is a big help! So nice to be able to sling my babe while lugging around suitcases, bags, waiting in lines, etc. And having a nice snuggly place to sleep in next to mama in the plane is helpful. I like to pack really small, multi-purpose stuff to play with. Crayons are always essential! I like to tell stories as we draw, making it interactive fun. Playsilks are a lot of fun!! I packed a few...
Yes, a lot of mammas have been sharing this site recently. I love it! It's beautiful, truthful, honest. Another good site is: breast gallery Yay for real boobs!
beautiful tattoo!! Happy Birthday!
Quote: Originally Posted by Periwinkle I hope he's brought up on charges so all the other midlife crisis too-wealthy-for-their-own-good men realize banging the nanny or local shop girl or whomever isn't the grandest of plans. Yep.
Quote: Originally Posted by alisaterry It's not like the AP mom can nurse and co-sleep with the other mama's infant. I mean, we could, but, you know.... Whoa! Now, think about that!! One of us nursing moms could go over and nurse another baby for a week! Now, THAT would be v-e-r-y interesting on TV.
whoo. 20K for a week. nice..... and I'd be a very interesting swappee- an Deaf AP mama. but. i'd never put my kids through that kind of trauma. who knows what kind of person would come in here and put my kids through all kinds of crap? What they eat wouldn't matter as much as how they'd be talking to them! I think not. If my kids were older, and were willing to do it, then. That'd be a different story.
a moby!!! stretchy wraps are AWESOME for a newborn. I loved my hotslings, too. simple pouch slings, easy in/out, nursing on the go. You can even make your own stretchy wrap, and save some money. check out mamatoto.org for instructions.
Hello!! I love your thoughts on deafness, mama. I DO think deafness IS a special gift. I am a profoundly Deaf woman, from a Deaf family... my husband and second daughter are also Deaf. We use ASL exclusively in the home, and I grew up with ASL also. Deafness definitely does not need to be 'fixed' ... the deaf child needs communication accessibility. This is the biggest issue that you will face. COMMUNICATION ACCESSIBILITY. Not hearing. If the deaf child is able...
My dh was gone for four months during the past year- I had a 3yo and a 1yo. It was tough at first... but once we got in a good groove, it was nice in some ways. Simple meals, our own schedules, and... KNOWING nobody was coming to rescue me at 6pm made a difference in my mindset. So I just let go, and did the best I could. We had a great time, actually. Knowing it was just the three of us, we did fun stuff, went to see friends, did a lot of kid-friendly stuff......
I don't think it's so much the child's behavior that is the issue... but the mother's attitude and parenting style. Every child has bad days! Some children just wreak more mayhem than others. But it all comes back to the mom's attitude. That is where the conflict lies- if the mother is not attentive and present, if she spanks, and so on. If my kid is having a bad day, I make myself more present for her, or help her focus on an appropriate activity, or just leave...
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