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welcome!! yes, the women here ARE pretty cool.
welcome to MDC! Enjoy that big belly you must have!
hello and welcome to MDC!
welcome to MDC! enjoy your mothering journey....
ooo, my bad! the actual website is here- http://www.ewg.org/reports/skindeep/ Quote: Originally Posted by prettypixels skindeep.org is currently redirecting to lovelyskin.com and what looks like a big wrinkle cream store.
Quote: Originally Posted by buglette absolutely love babyhawks! what's not to love? super comfy, super stylish, robyn does excellent work and there is a fabric named after me oh, do share! which fabric is named after you?
aw. i hope you find your way to mei tai love! the waist strap shouldn't cut in your waist... is he snug enough so that your shoulders are supporting his weight also, not only the waist? try doing a bounce while pulling up the straps, just before you tie to get him really snug. that may help with the sagging and waist pressure and twisty shoulder straps. also, try tying the knot at your hip or your back if you can. or just off to the side a bit, so it's not...
yay! another babyhawk lover here!
Quote: Originally Posted by OMama I've had the Ella Roo wrap recommended to us and it seems like Mei Tais are very popular as well. I'm looking for what is easiest to use and most comfortable. What are the pros and cons of these? We had a Hug-a-Bub too but it seemed to always get stretched out since the material was t-shirt like and I never got the hang of putting it on fast enough. TIA Mei tais are SO easy to use, and really comfortable....
another vote for the mei tai... I love, love, love my Babyhawk. Awesome fabrics, and really supportive. my 4yo still loves being worn, and the mei tai is fairly comfortable... but I'm getting a toddler Patapum soon, I'm hoping that'll give us a bit more support for my 4yo. The mei tai is very comfortable when wearing my 17 month old, though.
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