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It is really hard to tell. I believe from photos taken a day prior that his face/head looked swollen. He might have had no problem if he had not fallen and I am sure the fall would not have caused a brain bleed if he had not been vaccinated. SO I believe his brain swelled up and could not deal with the fall. The Hep B vaccine might have caused brittle blood vessel which may explain why suddenly after the surgery a completely different area of the brain started to bleed....
  Jake's story: First of all: I am Austrian, living in Austria and married to an American husband.... Jake was born completely healthy in an unmedicated vaginal birth, the best I ever had. He was very content with the world and himself. An expert breastfeeder and a big and happy boy. Lots of people commented on his buddha like nature. He got his first round of shots DTPP HiB and Hep B at 3 months and was not feeling well after the shots. He had a fever and a cold...
Congratulations! Your labor sounds a lot like my first. It took 37 hours from my water breaking and I could not get past 3 cm and got stuck at 9 cm and Epidurals help our bodies relax sometimes. You are so strong for holding out! My 3.5 y.o. son just asked me if I knew your name and I explained internet names and that your name is "mamasmith" and he said: Wow, Mama Smurf! Lily has a beautiful name and is so adorable!
I never waited the recommended 6 weeks but always started once the bleeding was gone around 3-4 weeks pp. I never had any cuts or tears and was always anxious to find out if it still "works".    
Congrats! He is so beautiful and great job for holding out so many hours of pushing with no meds! it takes a strong woman!
Congratulations! Your boy is soooo big! Mine is 4 weeks old today and seems smaller than yours. Unfortunately I have to say that birth is very seldom exactly what we expect. I would have been sad about a c-section, too but then again: we have to do what we have to do in order to keep out little ones safe.
I had a very large blood clot about 1 week postpartum and it did change the bleeding. Your MW is prob. right! Take it easy!
Congratulations! She is so pretty with a mouth you just have to kiss! I had a labor similar to yours because of an induction - it makes the labor harder (I had pitocin in 3 out of 4 births). I am glad she is here and safe!
Side lying in bed and nursing is my favorite position and all my babies did it from the start. I have D/DD breasts and absolute no problem with nursing this way. What exactly does not work for you?
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