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My husband does that sometimes, mock our boys when they cry (for no reason, in his opinion) We have had a few fights over this issue.
Thankfully, my MIL lives in another country
I took my son out of daycare because another child kept biting him and no one would do anything to protect my son and/or discipline/teach the biting child. I would not have had to do that if they had worked with the biter and his family like they are doing with you and your little girl. Sometimes you have to think of others before yourself, how would you feel if your daughter came home with a bite on her cheek? I was furious my son was being hurt and not protected, I...
I make perogies with saurkraut, serve them with sauted onions & mushrooms and sour cream and it's delcious. If I don't feel like make the perogi dough, I cheat and use fresh pasta sheets (lasagna) boil them and then layer the aurkraut like a lasagna instead of a perogi - top with onions,mushrooms and sour cream - it is just as delicious.
I have boys so this conversation has not really come up, but my sister has girls and once I was there and her little girl said 'Mommy my front bottom is itchy" Front bottom? LOL
I had this with my first son, try a fun/crazy straw, you know the ones that are long and loopy and you see the liquid move all through it. Then get yourself a drink, pretend it's for you. That's what I did with my toddler, he wanted to drink out of the straw so bady when he saw me doing it.
One of my close girlfriends just didn't like the feeling of nursing, said it felt sexual put her baby on formula at 1 day old.
Both my boys went through bouts of increased (nonstop!) nursing around 18 months, I think it has to do with teeth coming in. They went from nursing every few hours to constantly needing mama.
nursies here
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