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Two Iphones. The first one was drooled to death, the second was shattered when she threw it. You can only blame the mom in these cases though
I totally recommend the Julbos. They fit really well and the strap comes off if you like. Excellent protection and super cute. Plus, you can wear them upside down and it's exactly the same as right side up. Well worth the price, but we've had ours for almost a year. About time to size up.
I have to have back surgery next month. My 14 month old dd has never slept without me, nursing throughout the night. My dh is a very very heavy sleeper and for this reason, has always slept on a mattress next to us. I don't want to wean, or night wean and am concerned that leaving dd with dh won't work for a couple of reasons. First of all, he sleeps so heavily that I don't think he'll wake up when she cries. He doesn't now, not even when she's crawling on him. ...
I think many of you have really shed some insight into our family, which has been very helpful. I will say that I expected more people to be "on my side", so I'm very pleased to have received responses that truly made me think. Because of this, I've modified my view and suggested to my dh that we step back for a moment and quit thinking about the financial part of Christmas and remember what it is that we're trying to do, which is celebrate a fun holiday as a family. ...
This is exactly why I asked all of you wise mamas. I think that his list is so over the top that I think I was trying to use the scenario to get him to realize it. I'll have to find another way to address this extremely heated issue. Thanks for all of your different perspectives!
My dh and I are currently arguing about the Christmas budget. He wants to purchase very high end, expensive items for his 13 year old son, my dss, and only a tiny amount on our daughter, who's one. I think that the budget should be split more equitably, within $50 - 100. For example, he wants a powered motor scooter, blue ray player, futon for the basement and stereo for his son. I want to make a lego/train table and wooden kitchen for our daughter. Building materials...
I use a headlamp as well.
Agh! I'm tired of nursing! Yet I'm so darn committed to nursing at least until she's two. She's almost one now. I'd like to sleep better. My body gets so sore from having to maintain one of two positions, which allow her to nurse most of the night. I'm a sahm, so it's not like she needs to re-connect with me. I really don't mind the nursing when she's actively eating, but being a human pacifier is getting old...... Help!
DD is 11 mos and I still flip her over with me every time I roll over. How long do you other mamas do this?
Quote: Originally Posted by eccomama spend quality time with them, dont stick them in front of the tv and feed them crap even though u know that the crap will make their eczema worse. take them to the park, the beach, for a bike ride, a walk. they just want to be with you, no need for expensive trips. sit down and read a book, play a favorite game, dont be afraid to be goofy, to make mistakes and use them as lesson. This. Be present when...
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