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No shutting up!    Um, please, that is.    I loved both your posts & thought your ideas were great. I also coincidentally, elsewhere online found & reposted your awesome homeschool resource blog today. I would never know anything good if it weren't for other homeschool parents. I learn from them (you, in this case!) and try to pay it forward. 
You rock star! Congrats on both of you getting published. I'm going to share your kid's piece in Brain, Child with all my homeschool friends! 
So you're looking for a comprehensive online curriculum for 7th grade science, socials and language arts? Or are you open to content from different sources for the different subjects? Wondering if a cyber charter would be appropriate, actually.   There are SO MANY open source classes available now online -- most are pitched to about community college level. Meaning -- I would think it would be okay for a topic he likes and is strong at, but maybe not so much for...
Just got Jambu sandals for my kid; nice shoes, if a bit pricy. Caveat: they LMK that starting Spring 2014, their shoes will be treated with antimicrobials. 
I know the feeling! But better crickets, than jumping in with a bunch of judgment if homeschooling isn't something they can do.   Starling&Diesel, you're so wise to regard the "preschool homechoolers" as very attrition-prone. People often can't see that far ahead, and some kids really do thrive in a school-type environment. OTOH, there will also be plenty of people with same-aged kids who think school will be great, or at least acceptable, or haven't considered...
http://www.adafruit.com/blog/2013/05/22/hacker-scout-badges-at-maker-faire/   And if your kid would love to earn irl badges, diy.org plans to offer real ones soon (for a fee). But if you want to make that possible for your kids, and you're not the joiner/organized group type, you can just buy them from Adafruit. 
Hacker Scouts (bigger kids) and Maker Scouts (littler) are both centrally organized in Oakland, although I'm glad to hear there's a presence in Atlanta. They're both affiliated with diy.org/Maker magazine. And there are a lot of homeschoolers involved, so if you think you'd like to start a guild, there would be a lot of support & enthusiasm!    My kid loves diy.org & I've been very happy with his exp so far. Definitely recommend! :) 
Hi -- I just came here to see if anyone knew of sources (a list?) of shoes without the antimicrobial treatment. Yes, it is supposed to be harmful, and I'd like to avoid using it. I'm in the same boat as HRJ, with a kid who's done great in Keens for a long time, not sure how I can possibly find a sandal that works as well (fast-drying, good fitting, sturdy, sneaker-like sole, covered toe, etc.). My kid would also like five-finger shoes and that really doesn't seem to be...
The nice thing is when both you & your friend are so confident in your choices, or so supportive of each other, that it doesn't much matter -- and so it doesn't degenerate into a whole judgy nastiness that kills the friendship. Often it's easier for me dealing with schoolers who would never consider HSing than with "HS-curious" friends who have plenty of substantive critiques about school in 2012, yet don't trust themselves enough to DO it.   Remember, you may be a...
I did wind up going with t-shirts/thermal underwear pants, but I wanted to share that I just found Oshkosh PJs up through size 10 for $15/set. I'm afraid to buy that size (he wears that now, and I have to buy them a size up) but I thought maybe someone else could benefit. Not all the PJs are the tight, jersey, chemical-free kind, but many cute (but not tooooo juvenile) designs are.  
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