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You are doing great!        I have been slacking - mostly due to DD being sick and my not getting any sleep so what little sleep I could get - I did.  She is now sleeping in a more normal pattern at night since she is feeling better so tonight I plan to do 30 min on the treadmill or the shred.  Either way I will get in a work out ;).  I'm holding steady at 123lbs - I want to lose those last 11lbs.
LOL, doubt it this is where it wants to hold steady and I am not ok with it ;).   I was going to do the shred the other night then kept knitting...so am going to do this at bedtime too - I'm up at 4am daily as it is nursing DD so no way am I getting up at 3am to work out!
I'm with you on this!   I'm not a religious person but as I was brought up catholic every year I do give something up for lent.  This year it's bread and cookies and those last 10lbs.  I'm looking at it as giving up bad things and gaining a better body and outlook for my health.   Hope this doesn't offend anyone ;).
OM, we have cute babies!!!!!
OM, cuteness!!!!!
She is adorable!  Love the cardi!   Here is DD at just shy of 4mos wearing her new cardi (buttons are on the way from etsy)   And in her new longies
GM!   Still holding at 123lbs - ugh 11lbs to go now.  I want to lose it by April if I can - going to start the Shred tonight - ouch.    
A little reminder...Spring is around the corner and we can all plan on just being outside, going for walks and enjoying the warmer weather - we'll also be closer to 6mos PP and ready to work on things.  I say take it easy on yourself....it's a mindset and hard to gear up for.  I am going to be 40yo this year and the weight used to just drop off me and now not so much.  I've also had to relearn how I ate before being preggy and nursing for 1.5yrs with DS where BFing took...
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