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Thank you for all the advice so far. Very much appreciated. And many thanks for the personal contact info for a Pasadena therapist. Hoping I won't need to use it, but will if I have to. The advice to look at possible other underlying issues is also helpful. I just wish I knew why the anxiety was there. Emotionally I am fine. Frustrated at the ongoing "I am having a heart attack" feeling, but fine otherwise. I had real and severe anxiety last April when I had to let...
I have had these in the past, but they always fit a particular pattern. Emotionally something was going on, triggered physical anxiety response, with breathing and working through what I was worried about, physical symptoms would dissipate. This week though has been a week of new. Monday night I went to bed, convinced I was having a heart attack, or dealing with some sort of heart failure. Went to the doc on Tuesday, and he ran a battery of tests, manual checks and...
Gah. I just don't get how people can vote for crap like this. The vaccine industry really has done a great job pushing their agenda.
Absolutely they should not be vaccinating a sick infant, especially a sick preemie. Goodness, my puppy came down with kennel cough and the vet said absolutely no shots until she was completely better.
Anyone know the current status of this bill? I know a lot of bills are being shelved as the legislature attempts to get through as much as they can before the session ends. Hoping this one is one of them!
We used to, but I had a bad reaction to the vaccine and stopped. Since I am worried about my kids reacting the same way I did, I don't do it for them either.
I am thinking of doing this! Would love any tips you can share after you try!
I think it started when they added CP to the schedule. It just seemed ludicrous. Then I heard about the Wakefield study, and that made me really start to question and research things.
Wish I had the fund's to "buy" Chairman Monning a new position ;).
I have not tried one lately, but did use them with DS1 (was a bit smaller than you at that time).  I am an H cup this time around and ended up going with a Fancee Free bra that I tried on at our local bra store (Wizard of Bras).  It was the only one that seemed to fit really well.  Support is moderate, and the bra that I have had for a year (used just about every day) no longer has much support at all.  I have not exactly taken good care of it though.  It has been used...
New Posts  All Forums: