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I would not deal with that sort of objection.  I would ignore it or laugh/shrug it off.  At most I would say "Well, I am sure I will be able to use a break once in awhile.  You're more than welcome to spend time with DD"   You'll hear all kinds of things from people.
Title pretty much says it all.  Those of you who have pulled your children from public school, how long did you take to de-school?  What was it like?  How did YOU handle the big change?
Same here.  This semester I am doing a combo of online and night classes.  However, I had been planning to apply to the University this fall.  The schedules there tend to be much more traditional.  At the very least, I could continue to attend night/online courses through the community college, but they don't offer the sort of degree programs I want and I'm not sure I would be able to "do" much with a degree from there if I was also homschooling.  I need to be able to...
I have heard of this being done, but trying to wrap my mind around the logistics of such an arrangement hurts my head.  I'm still convinced that it could work somehow, but I just can't fathom it.   I have two in elementary school (K and 3rd) and two in daycare part time (15 mos and 4 yrs).  I am at the point where I'm trying to decide if I could homeschool and continue to be a student myself.  DH works full time, a regular 9-5-ish schedule. We have extended family...
I'll park right here with you.  I deal with the same thing.  Perfectionism can be brutal.
Yes, Lake Monroe is beautiful. . .That isn't the lake on base though.  That lake is only accessible from the base.
No ships or aircraft.  Just parts.  I know, a Naval base with no water.  Who would have thought. . .But my husband tells me they have a really nice lake though with marina. Crane is located in Southern Indiana.
Thanks all!  I sent her an email and got a positive response.  She indicated that she had just been discussing the issue with her sister and was planning to circ.  She said she had never really thought much about it, but would definitely look at the links I sent her (the ones you all suggested).  I told her that we left DS intact and that it was completely normal and maintenance free.  She is such a sweetie, I think she will consider it with an open mind.  I will be...
NSWC Crane.  There are several government contractors near Crane and an office in Bedford.  There are quite a few folks in B-town who work there.  Again
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