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Hi everyone,I usually limit my kids' TV time to weekend nights only,and they usually watch nature documentaries with a few Disney movies in between. I took the kids,6 and 4,to watch the chipmunks on ice(they had seen it 3 times before),and they did NOT respond to the show like ALL the other kids were! The show had guest apperances by the backyardigans,dora and diego,and a few sesame street characters. The other kids were all screaming their little heads off,and shouting...
hopefully we'll get some news in the future from two unbiased reporters instead of cutting and editing to support their own opinions!
All three of my kids went from nursing to whole milk at 1yr.I never believed in low fat milk. I give my kids gummy vites and my 21month old LOVES them!
there's also a yahoo group who sell used materials all yearlong.
St.Corix huh,I've only been there once,but I'd like to go back to visit. I think I'll ask the principal to let him go to school for a week without being registered. I've been thinking aboutit,and i think my working part time for 3 days has something to do with it as well.thanks for the input though. So,what do you guys do to celebrate birthdays?
I could take him out,but living on a 4sq mile island,I don't like to step on any toes.Last september he went to school and by October he wanted out,and when I asked the principal,she told me it's difficult to pull him out now with all the paperwork and easier tojust let him finish the term.I still attend a few events at the school,and it's good to be on the principal's good side,especially when you don't want authorities checking up on your kids and ,making sure they're...
Hi,I'm Jemilla from the Virgin Islands.I have 3 sons, Adrian 5,Naya3,and Tristun1 1/2 who are wonderful! Adrian went to school at 5 for three months and hated it.I took him out,and now that his cousins always brag about school,he wants to go back. I know my son,and after 3 weeks or so,he'll be begging to stay at home again! I started OM 1st with him in September,and he's doing well;after all,he did do this level work last September as well.He doesn't complain about being...
yeah,my 5 yr old definitely knows how to run the whole tv,dvd player and all! I have to hide the cords. They mostly watch nature documentaries,but I prefer them to be outside. DH also doesn't have enough patience to do things like reading instead of poppin in a flick for them to watch. He will take them fishing all day or catching lizards and stuff,but once in the house,forget it.:
I tried the same thing this week and it was awesome! My 2 boys, 5 and 3 asked for it a bit, but when i told them no,we just read or did something else and they didn't mind that much. I enjoyed it,and definitely plan to cut down on their tv watching!
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