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I really appreciate it...I was looking at Naturepedic. hmm....I will keep doing some research on this
Has anyone purchased an organic mattress? My DS is *hopefully* going to transition to his own bed and I would like to get an organic. I have no idea where to go!? Any advice?
Oh really? I didn't know that...no I really have no reason to believe he is anemic. I was just curious what other people did. Thanks!!
My DS is 22 mos. We never eat red meat so I am worried about his iron levels. We do eat chicken though. He also doesn't eat a ton of food (like fortified cereal, etc) Has anyone tried Floradix for their toddler? Any other ideas?
Thanks for all your help! I will bring along some clo and sa too What type/brand of Vit C do you use?
BTW...what are clo and sa?
haha...that is funny we will be there at the same time!! Look for me at Disney...I will be the one with the gallon jug of hand sanitizer!!
Thanks for your help....advice. All this vax stuff is just so confusing and not sure what to do!!
I am new to the board but have been reading posts for a while We are traveling to DisneyWorld in 2 weeks with my DS (21 mos). He has not had any vaxs since 6 mos. So no MMR, I have been reading about the measles cases in MD, etc. Do you think I need to vax him before we go?? I REALLY don't want to, but I don't want him to get sick. Any advice, what would you do? I am so confused!!!
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