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i'm with kathy - food intolerances are huge. i would not go to a dermatologist in this case because you don't need to treat the skin as much as the cause - naturopaths (some chiropractors too) can test for intolerances. i'd go there first. as far as stop gap measures on the skin, we use an Avalon Organics baby lotion that has vit d and e and a in it, and it sort of helps. it doesn't hurt, at least.
now there's something I haven't heard before i think that's not a bad idea. otherwise you could wash your breasts every time but that's kind of tiresome. can you take some garlic to help fight off the cold - it'll get to your nursling that way.
Looking for the vitamin and mineral gurus : I took a lot of Vit C about 10 days ago, in the form of ascorbic acid, to help me stay well while the kids had colds. I got to be quite anemic in the following days, which isn't normal for me (my iron is usually pretty good, due to red raspberry herbs and the fact that I've had one AF in like 3 years). Would that have been linked to taking 3000 mg of Vit C a day for a couple of days? Was that dumb? More importantly,...
DEFINITELY eliminate dairy. It will probably make a huge difference. Kids who are dairy allergic often have asthma issues, ime. A good quality probiotic given a few times daily would help, too. And cod liver oil.
how are things going for everyone? i am starting with CO and honey. starting slow with the CO to avoid any issues. hoping that you're seeing results?
we're going to try the raw fermented as well...can i add any kind of flavoring to it for the kids? (who are used to carlson's lemon?)
well, i just found out an hour ago that he was misdiagnosed our doc dx'ed him with pnuemonia again this weekend but the radiologist reviewed it and said it was negative. we did have a positive dx for it three weeks ago. so he probably has bronchiolitis. i am taking garlic capsules, and giving him probiotics.
My 8 month old has pneumonia (has for several weeks). I can't find a powdered version to give him. If i take my 1000 mg caplets (they have bioflavonoids) how much transfer will there be into my milk? I'm about 75kg and he's 9kg.
That dosage is per day or per dose at 3x/day?
There's no amount listed - it looks like the vet just mixes it up himself? Not sure.
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